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Steak Pies (the ultimate meat pie)

How to make delicious Individual Steak Pies, using hot water crust pastry, easy step by step instructions from start to finish.

25 thoughts on “Steak Pies (the ultimate meat pie)

  1. John I only have to listen to you and I can tell you cook a mean roast dinner!! love your channel and going to try this Steak Pie.

  2. Harry Evans says:

    Good morning Sir,I made these yesterday they are truly fantastic. There are only two of us so I will freeze the rest. Forgive me for asking this you've probably answered it before I've just found you on YouTube. When I take my pies from the freezer what would be the best way to reheat them please

  3. Joevil says:

    I'm from South Africa and these pies are a staple here. Oddly enough do you not get it in the US. They don't know what they are missing.

  4. TheExlurker says:

    Classic and traditional…. love this. Thanks for the recipe. Looks delicious πŸ˜‹

  5. Ross Gribben says:

    Yay he took into account my long nails! These look sooooooo good πŸŽ‰

  6. If I use gluten free flour will the pastry turn out OK? I'm coeliac and these look amazing

  7. This looks lovely. My husband is born and bred in Sunderland although we live in Canada now, I googled you and he was hmm (about where you lived!) He was brought up in Washington and houghton

  8. Seriously…
    I cook my beef in slow cooker at least 8hrs😁😫😫😑😑

  9. I had only googled homemade dog treats then your crumpet video popped up John. Wow! I was then tempted by your steak pies, I do love a pie. I've never made pastry before but now I fancy giving it a go. I think I could sit and watch your videos all day! Thank you John

  10. Mary C says:

    Wonderful, simple recipe. The hot water crust pastry looks great. I will try this soon! BTW, you inspired me three years ago to make homemade bread, and I still make it today! With love from Canada

  11. Tall Order says:

    This looks really good. I've always enjoyed meat pies of all types. One of my fondest childhood memories involves a chicken pot pie. I missed the school bus home one day, and it caused my mother to be late cooking dinner because she had to come pick me up. So she stopped at a nearby bakery and bought me a freshly baked hot chicken pot pie with peas and carrots in it. That was my first one. It was buttery and delicious.

  12. Uncle Ato says:

    The texture of ur pie looks nice but l’m afraid ur ingredients makes it too salty for my liking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Dude you're amazing! So wholesome and no BS filler!

  14. I really appreciate that you still include the hot water crust pastry video even though it's the same clips you've used in other videos. I don't like having to jump back and forth between videos, so it's really wonderful that you kept it in here <3

  15. Hot liquid pastry look easy.

  16. 025 1807 says:

    My mouth is watering watching this video. Looks delicious, and I will definitely try it.

  17. Linda Friend says:

    You just popped up in my recommendations, so I subscribed! My mum used to make this in the 50s, but we were a large family so she used to add diced potatoes and onions to make it go further. She used old-fashioned Bisto to thicken it πŸ˜‹

  18. I fancy making lamb pies πŸ₯§

  19. Matt Fosh says:

    Immediately, when I hear English food I think UGHH. But this seems like it could be good. Noce video, thank you. P.S. the kidney suggestion is EXACTLY what I'm talking about on the ugjhhh factor.

  20. Sean Murphy says:

    I've watched hundreds of cooking videos without ever leaving a comment, until I watched this. John, great job! I know I'm late to the party in terms of discovering your channel, but you've shared your knowledge in an approachable unpretentious manner that left me with a big smile after watching. I've never had the luxury of growing up with actively involved parents/grandparents, but I can imagine the feeling I had after this video is as close as I'll ever get. Thank you for this and I look forward to going through all your existing videos & can't wait to watch the new stuff as you post them!!

  21. yorweth1 says:

    DAM i'm dribbling

  22. ❀ your recipes. From Northern Kentucky, USA

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