Ree Drummond's Top 10 Desserts of All Time | The Pioneer Woman | Food Network

When it comes to desserts there’s nothing more valuable than a collection of tried-and-true recipes. From the BEST caramel apple …

37 thoughts on “Ree Drummond's Top 10 Desserts of All Time | The Pioneer Woman | Food Network

  1. Shirley_1955 says:

    the best cook in the world love her

  2. We love baking thanks for your videos

  3. Mandy Smith says:

    Love Ree always watch her. She is a fantastic cook.😍💓

  4. I've always had a girl crush on you. I'm not a lesbian or anything. You just fascinate me. You're worth emulating

  5. Jangan mampet for schools

  6. Skull rose says:

    Wow pretty awesome like your desert my favorite your best like you lot

  7. Oli Gorman says:

    hi ollie

    i like your channel is the beat in the world

  8. Was watching Tailgate cooking… I never laughed so loud… they had a rat running around 🤣 hilarious😂

  9. lori martin says:

    Wow people are mad 😡😡😡 indian land stealing

  10. What I'm triggered ny is her driving and talking while filming!

  11. Ruby Taylor says:

    Yummy to the recipes😊

  12. Rona Frye says:

    I love Red Drummond! My daughter showed me her shows and I am hooked!!

  13. Nathan Farra says:

    She's not a real pioneer woman!
    Where's her bonnett?

  14. Holy Christ all this recipes are a once a year type of cooks so much sugar

  15. I love watching cooking videos it’s like an escape from all the drama and the politics just a person who talks about how delicious everything is and how much salt and pepper to use 😂

  16. Anna Vargas says:

    She really does love her some pecans. Put them into damn near every dessert LOL

  17. Tania S says:

    Loving your recipes always. Your clothes are lovely- where do you buy them from ?
    Good Luck

  18. ❤nice recipes. love the no-bake bars. looks easy to do.❤

  19. Hi Ree. I have watched your tv show for years. Now it’s different however. No more ranch segments. And why are your children filming now. ?

  20. Ree is awesome. I LOVE her Pioneer Woman products! I buy them often! ❤️🥰❤️

  21. David Mander says:

    Stunning woman with the most amazing hair colour 😍👌

  22. I would like all of your recipes.

  23. I love ree beatefull daughter you got ALEX love Sharon

  24. See needs to give the ranch back to the native Americans it was stolen from.

  25. Karar Poudel says:

    Im loving u…….


  27. Inessa Beach says:

    Dear Ree, you are our sunshine!

  28. PLEASE di not cook with those kind of sleeves on open frame! We care about you.

  29. So tasty! Every recipe makes a delicious treat! Thank you!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  30. Jan Jones says:

    I want to make every one of these recipes, they look so yummy– Thanks for sharing!

  31. Need measurements for brown sugar and brown syrup for cheesecake

  32. Bri says:

    Jesus Christ love’s you so much unconditionaly amen repent lord bless all amen

  33. Yummyvirall says:

    so yummy .. 😋☺👍

  34. Joann Tucker says:

    love everything you are making. l love to watch you cook. l have been a fan from day one. ♥️ love 😊

  35. kim sims says:

    I don't care for Ree Drummond much at all. She's a snob . I do like a couple of her recipes but everyone has a few good ones in them.

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