Ready to feel the burn? 🔥💪🏼 #shorts #fitness #workout #armday

WORKOUT COMMAND! Stop what you’re doing and gimme 1 min each! 4 moves to burn the arms. GO!

38 thoughts on “Ready to feel the burn? 🔥💪🏼 #shorts #fitness #workout #armday

  1. Nola Eggink says:

    These are so helpful bc i dont like to sweat but i want to work out so tyyy

  2. Probably the wrong place to ask but if my arms get so sore after 1 workout I can’t bend them and need 2-3 days of resting my arms, does this mean my workout is too intense or do I need to keep working my arms while they are sore

  3. Hursh Patel says:

    Who said women can't be stupid

  4. Mangohockey says:

    The first one 💀

  5. I don't see any arms muscle )

  6. Mar Pap says:

    Can you pls do the same with feet?😊

  7. SoggyWater says:

    Can you do one with weights please?

  8. Do not be mad of my comment please but why wear other brands when it gives you camel toe ?

  9. ThokTrigg says:

    As a weightlifter i would just use the weight in my gym or buy some cheap dumbell and do normal excercises. If you end up looking bulky without effort just tell me your secret. Weight are not your ennemies!

  10. Maira HM says:

    are you really never did weight training to get that muscle? purely just pilates?

  11. -egg- says:

    This would help me if I didn’t play softball😂

  12. this will do nothing to loose nor gain fat or muscle
    this is good for like
    moms in their late 60’s working out for the first time
    good effort tho

  13. PSA: she also uses weights for arm workouts

  14. Zeke says:

    By d way wats d name of d song??

  15. WylderSam says:

    People actually think, that this exercise is going to build bigger biceps. WAKE UP. BURNING DOESNT MEAN BUILDING MUSCLE. You need resistance to build muscle, you cant just curl air.

  16. The song aint on roblox anymore yall

  17. Hahaha omg I wish that success on me .. I just need work pretty hard on beach press .. and all upper body with weight lifting that does not work for me habibi

  18. Omg those short are to die for so cuuuute

  19. Mam any exercise for increasing breast size

  20. Arc says:

    This is a joke, right?

  21. … I mean yeah but you could also swim which seems more fun…

  22. what says:

    These dont really help even tho i stil do them

  23. ThomasEpik says:

    This would be great if I was a crippled 80 year old recovering from a stroke

  24. I think she is teaching us how to dance😂

  25. Pl Ls says:

    These types of exercises are recommended for elderly/general hospital patients who are on bedrest or light exercise to prevent atrophy of the muscles. It's called non-weight-bearing exercises, and they're really freakin' important to do. So if your wondering if they actually do anything for your muscle (ahem haters 🙄); from a nursing student; yes, yes, a thousand times yes, they do lots for your muscles!

  26. WylderSam says:

    Im gonna cringe that’s so cap. 😂😂😂 if it worked, where are you’re Arms?

  27. Pushups : am I a JOKE to you?

  28. S B says:

    You look seriously emaciated here. Please eat enough calories in a day. If you need to be sickly for your clothes to look good then that’s an issue.

  29. Please educate yourself, you have a lot of followers and it is sad to see you misinforming people who are trusting you to help them get into shape

  30. Zeekeleton says:

    I can do this all day without breaking a sweat

  31. Ahmed ;) says:

    Biggest scam in history

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