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37 thoughts on “Salad Shirazi | A Persian Salad You Need To Try | The Golden Balance

  1. Miss M says:

    Such a yummy salad

  2. mindxcircus says:

    You mean Shirazi salad with salted eyeballs 🤣🤣🤣

  3. QYtj says:

    Yessss shirazi salad is so good it's literally the only salad I eat

  4. DaisyxFlower says:

    Oooff best salad ever

  5. And sumac ? I love sumac and za’atar ❤ with salads 🥗 😊👌

  6. Sepehr22 says:

    Holy shet im persian

  7. Drink Land says:

    I'm irainian, shirazi salad doesn't have olive oil in it☺️

  8. Scout says:

    I’m afghan and this looks a lot like salata (I don’t know how to spell it) the only difference is that we leave the tomato and cucumber seeds and we add parsley instead of mint other than that it’s extremely similar

  9. in that if u add Some amount of puffed rice it become Indians evening snack called Bhel puri

  10. ungarmeister says:

    You could have added Olive oil and Pomegranat molasses

  11. Majda Alqoqa says:

    Thanks chef , it looks delicious Yah , this is our salad type in Palestine , I think also in many medeterian countries . Best regards .

  12. Laura Palmer says:

    I love putting this on top of shrimp tacos!

  13. I think this is the salad thats a recipe if every country

  14. Melih says:

    And what exactly makes this salad Persian?

  15. Farhat Zulal says:

    Sherazi salad is with cucumbers tomatoes and onions and dried mint what u made is Afghan Salad “salata”🥗🇦🇫

  16. F C says:

    What do you use the parts of cucumber and tomato for? The parts you scrape out?

  17. “Fine like you” loll

  18. Comrade Kot says:

    If you want to make your salad more delicious keep it in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to one hour before serving it
    This is a tip from a persian guy for you

  19. Ghadeer M says:

    انت عربي ولا امريكاني؟

  20. Nah Ik I’m gonna sound like gatekeeping but salad shirazi isn’t this thing everyone’s accidentally making like Greek salad the way he made it is true to how ur meant to not with any variation that’s salad shirazi

  21. Marzie says:

    Add vinegar at the end 👌

  22. Newone Very says:

    No it is a regular salad that people all over the middle east know and eat, it isn't Persian

  23. U mean pico de gallo

  24. Marie says:

    It looks like a minty pico de gallo

  25. Hala Luqman says:

    he said bismillah didn't he? I'm gonna subscribe

  26. This needs vinegar its a game changer

  27. Very popular in Karachi families as well. We call it kachoomar. Exactly the same thing, but we also add ginger and radish. Bomb when eaten with biryani.

  28. If you add a little sugar , it tastes amazing , I’ve been eating this salad for 35 years now

  29. I know I shouldn't let it bother me but for some reason it does that he called a cucumber and a tomato of vegetable when both of those are fruit

  30. Mona Hasan says:

    We do this exact same salad in Palestine.
    I think shirazi salad has a different dressing though. They use sour grapes حصرم juice/concentrate instead of lemons (it gives a very different flavor) and dried mint

  31. DAlIA says:

    It tastes good!

  32. mikeydan says:

    lovely. wonder if he can make torshi…

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