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Healthy Meal Prep On A Budget (6 Easy Recipes)

6 AMAZING Budget Friendly meals! 1 hot option and 1 cold option for each meal of the day. Save money and have incredible …

44 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Prep On A Budget (6 Easy Recipes)

  1. Merry Christmas everyone!

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  3. Von says:

    Does anyone know the calories and protein that are in these?

  4. In the PB and J bowl it looks like the oatmeal is uncooked

  5. Had to subscribe for the sleeping mask joke.

  6. Tyler Mcnair says:

    "We discussed our safe word" is when I subscribed lmao

  7. Anyone know the macros to these?

  8. Austin B says:

    The sweet potato one looks pretty good

  9. Austin B says:

    Herb with a strong H

  10. RadShowtime says:

    “Has a kitchen just because it came with the house” 😂😂😂😂

  11. That "peanut butter" looks more like baby shit

  12. bloomberg says:

    like the girl next door so sweet and we are filling it with meat got me

  13. You remind me of Dave Mustaine.

  14. Greeting from across the pond, Worcestershire is pronounced a bit like wu-stu-shu… some great ideas and inspiration, will have to try the stuffed sweet potatoes 🍠

  15. Dumbtex says:

    this is some of the most upsetting content I've seen on youtube

  16. Finally! Finally recipes that are low budget, high macros and not boring. So glad I found this channel.

  17. As a Brit this is so expensive in the uk so cheep laid £1 for pees not 2 dollars wtf

  18. SouthAnnie says:

    Oh wow, eggs are close to 6 bucks a dozen this year. 😒

  19. Eric Hilario says:

    Unless you mentioned or used it on another video before, have yet to find a comment of your apron😉. R.I.P Gunther❤. #illbethereforyou

  20. David Mamak says:

    Omg. The sausage references

  21. Cliff says:

    Did he use raw chicken breast?

  22. "We discussed our safe word." epic

  23. But what are the macros???
    P.s. semi-dramatic camera zoom on a loose green bean and corn was funny lol

  24. Stas Pavlov says:

    For those looking to make the tuna pasta salad a little more protein heavy (and turn it into a hot/cold options) – just did it 1 lb of ground turkey – killer!

  25. He said it's like the girl next door.

  26. Sweet potatoes are like the girl next door, taking something sweet and filling it with meat 🤣

  27. Benisha says:

    Hey what are the macros for the breakfast muffins?! ☹️

  28. Taking something sweet and fill it with meat tf bro 😂 4:30

  29. D3C!PH3R 339 says:

    Bruh, those muffins look dope as shit, great video

  30. Megan A says:

    Thanks for this.

  31. Ellysium 011 says:

    anyone have an idea about the macros for each?

  32. These recipes look good but I don’t like any of the veggies you use

  33. Ella Martin says:

    You’re easily my favorite YouTuber. So entertaining, keep up the great work!

  34. Mike says:

    Is the oatmeal in the cottage cheese cooked?

  35. TheEpicSpire says:

    question i have always wanted to ask, but have been scared to ask. I really need to know what kind of workout you do to get that nose shape. Face plants?

  36. Irish Bears says:

    My mom used to make meat with flour, and I absolutely hated it, and I absolutely refuse to eat it to this day.

  37. Irish Bears says:

    Store brand greek yogurt isn't quite as good as the brand names, but it's still good.

  38. Ghost says:

    my aunt showed me this recipe they are sooooo tasty and easy to make. They're surprisingly filling.

  39. Braddah Jay says:

    “This is for those who has a kitchen because it came with the house” 😂

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