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Chili Mac Casserole | hamburger meat recipe

Let’s cook dinner! Today I am making cheesy chili macaroni casserole. I’ll also serve it with a fresh garden salad. This is gonna be …

32 thoughts on “Chili Mac Casserole | hamburger meat recipe

  1. looks great! I'm definitely gonna make something like this πŸ™‚

  2. Lady in WI says:

    Still getting acquainted with your channel, but…when I spotted the thumbnail pic for this Chili Mac Layered Casserole, I left everything else that I was doing and found myself glued to this vid.

  3. Lee Willers says:

    I add 1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder to my chili as well. I love the roux idea!! I’m going to try that in my next chili! Thank you for all of your great videos Angelica! This dish looks wonderful and I am going to make it!!

  4. Miss Em says:

    I made this it turned out great! Thank you

  5. Those diced chipotle peppers in adobo have changed my life! So much easier. Thank you!!!

  6. American cheese has emulsifiers in it that'll keep your cheese sauce from splitting. A;ways a good idea to add a slice or two whenever you are making a cheese sauce.

  7. UPDATE: Just made your dish, it's in the oven now! πŸ˜‹ looking forward to it. I used 1lb waygu ground beef and 1lb organic grass fed beef had to double up on some of the ingredients.

    IF YOU EAT THIS you really have to just love chili Mac. It's overpowering chili Mac. It was fun to make its okay to eat but deff not a once a month dish, more like once a year. I won't be making this again.

  8. Looks good.. making it today with added Italian meat as well πŸ˜‹

  9. Miami Lady says:

    This looks really good i wanna make this for my mom

  10. I had all the ingredients to make this dish. I didn’t have to buy anything. I love chili Mac but I have never made it this way. Oh my gosh this was amazing.

  11. How can I print this recipe?

  12. Simply Pam says:


  13. You make things look so easy and yummy!

  14. aj Acevedo says:

    I would make it but I would use the boxed macaroni & cheese the one with the creamy cheese, not the powered one. No one will know the difference. I do make the meat mixture like the way done here.

  15. bertoray says:

    This looks over the top in the finest sense. I have got to try this.

  16. Carol Hess says:

    Made this tonight. Very easy and delicious.

  17. What does the one egg do to the cheese sauce mixer because it seems like it's good and thick already?

  18. I'm allergic to cumin. Do you know of are can you find a substitute spice just as good? πŸ€”

  19. Linda Foyle says:

    Thank you for your tips, looks amazing and delicious❀️

  20. Herewego111 says:

    Yummy, once a year treat. Hubby is a heart patient and diabetic so this needs to be a huge treat but he will love it. Thanks

  21. Bill Garbutt says:

    Long time subscriber….i just love watching you cook!.And your narration and voice is so relaxing when your doing your thing.Made me smile all the while watching,and these days thats not an easy thing to find.

  22. I shouldn't be watching this before bed lol

  23. Girl it's OK I always eye ball my seasonings love ur channel. Keep up the good work.

  24. I love how you put the egg in the cheese sauce I do the same thing for that extra flavor but I mixed my chili in my macaroni together and then I put cheese extra cheese on top then I'll make the cornbread and a salad 🌟🌹

  25. mrpooh167 says:

    Been waiting so long to find someone who does it right! Thanks Mama!β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

  26. Gene Wells says:

    Serious comfort food! Mouth is watering.

  27. xayapenn says:

    I like that whisk. What brand is it? Where did you buy it?

  28. paula nelson says:

    Ohmygdness that looks so delicious! Another recipe I will be making!

  29. Becky Hines says:

    That looks so good! ❀

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