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Burn Fat – Best 30 Min Home Workout Routine

Do you want to burn fat and lose weight in just 30 minutes per day? With today’s video workout I have created an effective fat loss …

38 thoughts on “Burn Fat – Best 30 Min Home Workout Routine

  1. Des says:

    Starting today weighing in at 300lbs. I’ll update in 2 weeks. I will stay dedicated

  2. Ye sb exercise toh thik h lkin leg m hand m bht dard hone lga krne k bad😆😆😆
    Its very helpful for beginners

  3. BABITA says:

    Successfully completed the 3rd day of exercise… now feeling more light weight and flexible.😊

  4. BABITA says:

    Completed 2nd day exercise… very helpful.. and I am happy.

  5. Hii..dii Di I'm doing this from last 1 week but their is nothing change in my weight can u tell me why this happennnn…???????🙏🙏

  6. BABITA says:

    1st day morning exercise done.

  7. Hajar says:

    How many calories do we lose if we exercise this ??

  8. Are these exercises for women only?

  9. Ragharma says:

    Day 1 done lets gooooo boiiiii

  10. ayesha saeed says:

    Is it necessary to do it twice a day to lose weight.if we do it once in the morning and then one hour walk in the evening is that fine too will we lose weight. So controling diet alot

  11. 10/10 for this workout I am sweating all over after doing this. It's my 3rd day today. 💕

  12. How much calories we burn each time?

  13. I've been having lots of health problems ever since I lost my mother. I was planning to get fit but my mental health was always stopping me. Today, I decided to try this out and I already feel more better. Though I could only do 20 minutes since my asthma was getting in the way. Later today, I'm gonna try and do a full 30 minute.

    I hope this exercise helps with my obesity, and I can finally full my mother's wish.

  14. Sana Fatima says:

    As a13 yr old trying to do this these comments encourage me 😂

  15. Sakhi Pretty says:

    Roberta i started this workout in just 3 days before really my backpain is gone thenkew so so so much🙏

  16. i did this workout for the first time today after doing one of your shorter workouts for a week but i wonder why some of the excersises in this work out are repeated three times? otherwise it was great fun to do it and i look forward to seeing what results i get.

  17. M B says:

    We’ve started day 1 today. Side note: Does anyone know how many calories this workout burns?

  18. Manjunath M says:


  19. Hailey woods says:

    Thank you so much It helps me so much I love to watch all your videos it helps me so much so fast exercising so fast I just love it so fast❤❤❤❤ thank you

  20. How muck calories did i burn from this workout?😅

  21. Hello guys pls don't lose motivation it counts I lost from 85 to 68 in 6 months with this workout lean diet and cardio stay strong and u will see the results in few time cmon buddy as said by Ronnie Coleman thanks roberta gym for this video it helped a lot

  22. Hey Roberta gym I have proper weight but I have unwanted fat in my body will this work for me

  23. i done this for 30 days and i totaly lost all my fat i was super fat and was a nerd i also got a glow up thank you i should give this vidoe to my mom cuz shes also fat just saying thank you 💜💜💜💜

  24. Thank you so much. It is very useful. I love you.

  25. First I'm 68 kg after do this method I loose weight in 2months now I'm 60 kg

  26. Ayesha Jha says:

    Can i do it in evening?

  27. ELLA ELLA says:

    Hii sis can v drink water while doing exercises

  28. Maria Price says:

    I just completed this workout today Oct 3rd it was really good

  29. These videos are truly amazing. Thank you so much.

  30. Jasha Godbee says:

    This is not even the work out it did not burn my Fat out😢😢😢😮

  31. Thank you Roberta ur work out video's is very helpful for me 🥰🥰

  32. mm says:

    Let me see is there any result for this workout for 20 days

  33. mm says:

    Day 1 today I started this workout

  34. I tried out this routine to lose weight but something more incredible happened. My Ps were late three months. After three days of this routine, boom 😁. 100% in love with this routine.

  35. Nana xo says:

    Ok recording my journey
    Day 1:✅

  36. Day 1✅(a bit struggling)
    Day 2✅ (without resting)
    Day 3✅(without resting )
    Day 4✅(without resting )
    Day 5 ✅(without resting )
    Day 6 ✅
    Day 7✅…….already lost 3 bounds.
    Day 8 ✅

  37. Roberta gym pls anybody can tell how many calories I will burn by this workout

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