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2 Mile Beginner Walk At Home Workout- Workouts with Jordan

2 Mile Beginner Walk At Home Workout- Workouts with Jordan Youtube Channel: …

32 thoughts on “2 Mile Beginner Walk At Home Workout- Workouts with Jordan

  1. RMC says:

    Nice to have a different temperament from the usual overly loud walking coach.

  2. I felt like I was in preschool.. Waaay too much talking. Needs better music 🎶

  3. L Cam says:

    Great low impact workout!! 👍🏽👍🏽Thanks

  4. I’m back in the comments to say that after 2 weeks of daily walking with this video I’ve lost 4 pounds and no other walking video has ever had that impact on me. Jordan is so friendly and motivating 🥰
    I found it very difficult at the beginning because I have POTS and my mobility is limited. I have to stop the video about 4 times to rest but it has helped me a lot. While I haven’t seen much improvement in my POTS symptoms I know that conditioning is paramount in POTS treatment.
    Thank you so much!
    Would you ever consider making exercise videos specifically for people who have POTS? Thank you for reading this! ❤

  5. BEST walking video ever! Thank you ❤

  6. indu sikka says:

    I tried this one and sorry to say but Jordan looks like she has no energy her exercises are lifeless and boring no proper music and she herself is out of breath I do t know how she got on

  7. Great workout, Thank you.

  8. Jen says:

    This was great! One of the best walking videos I’ve ever done. Thank you!

  9. val k says:

    First time and really enjoyed it, thank you.

  10. Brad Thorson says:

    Excellent cardio workout! However, not for absolute beginners. If you haven't done some walking other light exercise for at least 30 minutes daily, I wouldn't breakmin on this one. Or just do the first 15 minutes and gradually build to 30. I'd say I'm an intermediate beginner and while I did get through it, it was challenging. By the midway mark, I was definitely feeling it! She provides a good warmup to prepare you for the work ahead. No cool down or stretch included so make sure you do both afterward.

  11. Hai dr super this one. But I have one doubt I am having disc bulge broblem . can I do this.

  12. Thanks so much for these 30 in home walking videos. I Really want to get back into the gym, but can’t afford it right now. These walking videos in addition to my 30 min treadmill walks and outdoors has helped keep me moving and heart rate up. Thank you sooo much!!

  13. Love these 2 mile walkouts at home. Thank you!!

  14. Nice way to ease into two miles.

  15. Elartesoyo says:

    How beautiful is Jordan!!! The most beautiful girl in the world!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing video!!!

  16. Fran says:

    Thank you Jordan. This is a great 2 Mile Walk.

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  18. Wow! Simple work out 😀 love it.

  19. 11Tov says:

    This is a good workout – looks easy but at about 13 mins in you feel the burn. Jordan's gentle encouragement is awesome.

  20. Thanks for the exercises ! They're all great and easy to do. Im a senior and I am so well motivated unlike before when I dislike now I always look forward and enjoy 💃💪🏃

  21. Tina Clark says:

    Thanks Jordan. I love your exercise videos. Do you have your own YouTube channel?

  22. Really good workout. Really enjoyed it 👏👏👏

  23. What a great beginner work out, even had me sweating at the end there. Thanks for this lesson!

  24. Craig Scott says:

    that isn't walking that is called stepping or bad dancing. Being static like that doesn't distribute mass properly, the imbalance will cause repetitive strain injury. Legs together for strength, jump just enough that your toes leave the ground last. Do it faster. Ps, vast majority of quadrupeds rest on their heels, birds don't even use their heels. While in motion, stay off your heels.

  25. I love these sessions. Even got my husband to join in’

  26. carmen ross says:

    Thank you Jordan I really sweat on this one . Good teaching. I wish though that there is that 5 minutes cool down at the end of the exercise. Appreciate what you do though.

  27. Oneßlood says:

    Looking to keep moving during winter and I’m thinking of trying this next workout

  28. Wellspring says:

    I absolutely love this! Finally, something I can get all the way through as a beginner! Such a feeling of accomplishment afterward, haven't walked 2 miles for a long, long (looooooong) time. Thanks so much!

  29. Thank you I am glad for your training! Love it !!

  30. Denise Lott says:

    Just completed this for the first time and it felt great! Thank you so much, just what I needed!!

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