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When Obsessing Over Healthy Eating Turns Dangerous

Young woman shares her struggle with Orthorexia, when trying to eat “perfect” meals leads to giving up eating at all.

31 thoughts on “When Obsessing Over Healthy Eating Turns Dangerous

  1. Vegas NV says:

    They don't have this in North Korea. Just sayin. They fight over bugs.

  2. KenC says:

    Fat people trying to find an excuse:

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  4. Gillian Lea says:

    For the record coconut oil isn't healthy for you, dieticians I've asked have recommend to avoid

  5. Christine says:

    I want to eat healthy and I am but I’m afraid to go to the extreme and hurt my body. I made it a point to eat healthy AND eat IN MODERATION, maybe a cookie or two as snack and drink soda once every two weeks or once a month. I also eat cooked meat or chicken with salad and rice to get iron and protein but watch out and not eat too much junk. It helps to keep healthy snacks with me and to crush cravings by eating a sweet peppers or baby carrots with hummus, or snack on blackberries, almonds, hot Cheetos (in moderation), etc, and i also drink a glass of water to help with boredom lol. I have never had health issues from eating healthy yet with a balance but hearing this scares me because I don’t want to be this way ever! I will eat out as a treat to myself and social gathering and I will snack on something sweet whether it’s dark chocolate or m&ms. I will eat healthy AND balance eating food that is “fun.”

  6. This is more like obsessive compulsive dissorder

  7. sbowesuk says:

    Watching this, that behaviour has all the hallmarks of OCD imo. It just happens to be focused on food in this case. Given the strong connection her eating has with her social media, I have to wonder if the latter was a trigger. We all know social media is terrible for mental health.

  8. Nancy Davis says:

    I don’t like the way she talks to her mom.

  9. Keshav Batra says:

    I was literally struggling with this

  10. I felt sad when she threw away these perfectly cooked eggs. There are people starving .She could make a sandwich with those eggs and give them to someone who is hungry…maybe a homeless person.

  11. Veganism is absolutely not a good approach to a balanced diet. i'm not saying you should go full omnivore, but vegetarianism and pescatarianism or the Mediterranean diet are safe and healthy alternatives

  12. I understand this condition but right from the start I thought what a waste of eggs when people are starving

  13. KAYLA ROSE says:

    This was exactly my experience, it was not for weight loss, it was not to control anxiety, but simply it started as a quest to heal my body naturally from hormone irregularities, acne, brain fog and fatigue that arose after competing in bikini competitions as well as in the pursuit to be the healthiest version of me thereafter "educating" myself.

    Yet all the experts and guru's provided evidence to support these "healthy lifestyles" and led me to think I truly was pursuing the most optimal and healthy diet, which produces extreme fears around "eating the wrong foods" and literally causing disease every time I ate them – plain and simple.

    People don't understand unless the go through it themselves.. people also thought i just had anorexia too, but they are indeed different as to the WHY and INTENT behind the motivation around diet changes.

    My body was shutting down, digestive problems, no period, hair falling out, food obsession, binge eating, constipation, no libido, weak, insomnia, etc etc etc! yet the docs told me I was eating healthy and they couldn't find anything wrong on the tests, all the while it was right in front of us, all because I was too restrictive and "too healthy" in my diet!

    – it really was a mental prison, but thinking that once I detoxed "enough" I'd be extremely healthy.

    Thank god I was led out through a diet recovery process.

    And it's great to hear people talking more about their stories and how they broke free and healed as well so that the medical community can recognize this when people are searching for answers and not told to just keep eating more healthy, but to be encouraged to find balance with all foods again.

  14. Nothing to do with vegan diet. She was cooking eggs at the start ffs.

  15. Amber Reid says:

    This is actually anorexia in disguise. it’s a way to restrict. No way those women get enough calories

  16. I DESPISE food waste. God.

  17. She's annoying. All she does is whine, whine, whine. Ugh. Just live your life. 🤨

  18. Prismak says:

    Eating healthy is always good and can never be an eating disorder. It becomes a problem only when you are obsessed from food that you THINK is healthy while it's not.

  19. Challenger says:

    Whats wrong being addicted to healthy ?

  20. Spoiled elite brats.

  21. Fuhgetabatit says:

    I had orthorexia without even knowing it, later turned into bulimia. I’m so glad it’s over. 🙏🏼

  22. Acidburn191 says:

    bruh like no wonder you have a bad relationship with food. you eat sweet potato and eggs in the morning

  23. Y'all had me crying by the end of this one. I'm done with bulimia since I was about ten years old so I can relate just not in the exact same way

  24. Get off of the internet guys. You will not recover unless you do this

  25. Her disorder is not with food

  26. It is not the food issue only….but I had understood that they excersise very often.

  27. Can we just say she’s not a healthy eater. Being a healthy eater is also about having a healthy relationship with the food you put into your body. Than just eating foods that can be classed as nutritionally healthy

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