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Simple And Delicious Lunch And Breakfast Recipes

TIMESTAMPS: 00:25 School lunch recipe 02:05 Yummy apple dessert 04:15 Homemade pasta 06:48 Fried sausage with eggs …

32 thoughts on “Simple And Delicious Lunch And Breakfast Recipes

  1. Roni Gaming says:

    Of course i have ketchup in school

  2. That looks so yummy😋

  3. Nami DC says:

    i really wanna ask why these people sound like bots

  4. ZUNI ZUNI TV says:


  5. I just wish I could put my hand through the screen and steal the food and eat it looks so delicious😍😍

  6. يليق أنا الوحيدة العربية🤔🙁😕

  7. The rice looked pretty on point though.

  8. I had to eat first to make sure I don’t eat my own screen! 😂 😂😂

  9. Wooow me coll for the ❤️❤️😍😍😍🙄🍗🍗🌮🍝️🍿🍔😋

  10. D.A.o says:

    انا ملاحظة أنه مافيش حاجه بدون بيض

  11. Tuu Tuu says:


  12. armughan ali says:

    I came here to watch cuz I was hungry

  13. saw says:

    6:51 5 minute crafts knew what they were doing💀💀

  14. Who brings a cuting board to SCHOOL

  15. Why these nice people got 13K likes ……. so rude !! I love their videos

  16. Ronak Karnik says:


  17. Who would use a paper clip to cut a hotdog?

  18. katie abrams says:

    Yummy 😋 it makes me want to eat

  19. siva selvi says:

    The noodles is working or not ☺️

  20. In school who brings a cutting board

  21. Meri Susanti says:

    Good luck 👍👍

  22. Great and thank for sharing

  23. ACHEI MUITO LEGAL TODAS essas dicas 😊😊👍

  24. Ramen says:

    I don’t believe that 1:43

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