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How to Lose Fat + Keep it Off // How Metabolism Works

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  1. Research shows that our bodies need around 35 calories / kg of fat-free mass (16 calories / lb of fat free mass) to run their full set of processes and maintain a healthy hormone profile, if we’re doing zero movement!

    To get a feel for what that is for you, you can take your total bodyweight and subtract a rough body fat %. Then, add in your estimated calorie expenditure from movement (workouts + general life-living) and you have your total.

    For me, that’s about 1,700 calories without any movement at all (no, not because I’m genetically blessed or super tall! building muscle and strength over years racks this up!)

    If you’re eating below [this number + extra for your movement], please look out for yourself and think about how you can gently bring this back up, with specialist support if needed. You’re bringing a lot more to the world than just how you look, and we need the best you 🤍❤‍🔥

    Edit: also, if you are eating significantly below this number and noticing that your body is no longer responding (i.e. no fat or weight change for an extended period of time), while appreciating that there's a LOT of inter-individual variability, the aggregated data seems to suggest that there's a real possibility that these metabolic adaptations we cover here have taken place. I'm not able or qualified to tell you what's happening in each individual case, my goal is to make you aware of the possibilities so that you can make informed decisions and consider your options towards a healthier you 🤍 love ya! ❤‍🔥

  2. This video is a must-watch for anyone looking to lose weight! I loved seeing a doctor fact-check some of the popular weight loss tips out there and provide evidence-based advice. It's important to approach weight loss in a sustainable way and prioritize our health. Speaking of health, have you heard of SlimSparks' smoothie diet program? It's a delicious and convenient way to incorporate nutrient-rich ingredients into your diet and support your weight loss journey. Highly recommend checking it out!

  3. BaByEAtER says:

    I really tried to follow your tips and guides. I feel like ive built more muscle then ive ever had in my life but my body fat is still the same! I feel like giving up. What could be wrong?

  4. Marissa Case says:

    I’ve been eating in a calorie deficit for a few weeks I do have to eat gluten free for medical reasons now going to add in a few 20-30 minute work outs a week! I’m 6 months postpartum from my second and last baby so I’m ready to go for it! I want to lose 35lbs!

  5. This was so helpful thank you!

  6. BASIC says:

    I’m good at teaching children and keeping them happy and motivated

  7. Jean Bob says:

    i want see girl bikini

  8. V says:

    This is literally what I've done after the age of 23 because I noticed when I tried traditional weight resistance training and 500 calories less a day, I was retaining fluid, feeling horrible, and GAINING weight even though I ate the same "dieting calories". So I've found as someone who's 6ft I cannot eat less than 1900 calories sitting on my butt all day with only a 30 min resistance training workout a day as my "diet calories" and I need to alternative days wehere I have 2300 and not exercising at all, otherwise my metabolism gets sluggish. It's more about what I eat, and how much resistance training I do, vs cardio. Cardio stunts my fat loss and muscle gains. I need more healthy fat then carbs and moderate protein. You learn this over time. So many women think that more cardio and less calories is good, IT'S NOT. The more cardio you do, the higher your cortisol goes, and the more cortisol you have pumping throughout your body the less fat loss you can achieve. This is because your estrogen levels temporarily skyrocket and you gain fat as self preservation. Your body thinks it's under attack and starts storing fat asap to save its life. So yea. Our bodies are smart but only to a point. The type of stress doesn't matter to our bodies………so eat healthy, sleep well, do resistance training 3 or more times a week, and don't cut your calories a lot. It fails, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  9. ruggjugg says:

    I haven't seen this, I've been cutting 800+ calories with the scale standing still. Thank you.

  10. I used to have problems with losing weight than putting it back on. At times I was too strict on my diet and got old after a while, so I went on a splurge. These days I am at a good weight. I try to have moderation nowadays. I might have an authentic good cheat meal one day a week.

  11. Johnny says:

    Great explanation, most people don't understand this concept. Calories in and calories out is bro science that never dies.

  12. 조이쓰 says:


  13. Lol it’s nice to say I’m only doing it once, unless you have multiple kids and have to lose it after each birth 😞

  14. Stheno Duma says:

    This is The Best explanation of metabolism I have ever heard. Thank you.

  15. Shre says:

    The intro was so powerful!! Smashed that subscribe button, like and bell icon right away ❤

  16. Slow and steady wins the race. It also makes it more sustainable long term. So a win win! Look at it as a lifestyle change NOT a 'diet'. Good luck and enjoy the journey

  17. Jo Middleton says:

    What a fantastic, informative video with a solid message at the beginning and end. Self love! Big love to you!

  18. Lynz1210 says:

    Might be a super dumb question, but will this all work for someone major overweight and very weak? 😅 My baby is due May 3rd, and I want to get started on this as soon as I can.

  19. Would i be able to loose weight if i have insomnia? T-T

  20. It’s really interesting because my maintenance is 2800 calories I think and I drop it to 1300-1500 calories and train 4 times a week I feel like I just need to be kinder to myself

  21. Love the video, as it very body aware and sends a good message that we should be kind and gentle to our bodies. Which is a good message to send to girls today. And it's very true about not being able to please everyone. Some people tell me i look toned, others too skinny, others too muscly and others 'a little fat still.' I'm happy in my body and everyone else should be working towards being their best most healthy, fit, happy self!

  22. What if I've been eating 1200 calories for 2 years now, and I can't lose more weight? Should I eat 1,000 calories now?
    I'm 185lbs and 5'4. So I am obese.

  23. jlh7s says:

    Haciendo ejercicio de fuerza se protege el metabolismo y se sostiene a largo plazo la pérdida de grasa

  24. Spela Gersak says:

    Wow,I have come across this video just today and I am amazed! Rn I am in my transformation journey and I love how you explain everything backed up with science and visually show it as well! One of the best ones! 😳✨

  25. anna says:

    9:20 try 1500. I have an ED and am recovering and this is so helpful!

  26. Chloe Louise says:

    How do you know what your TDEE and maintenance calories are?

  27. I love your content!

  28. You have no idea how much I needed this video! Just subscribed!❤

  29. Watching the thumbnail boys forgot they were supposed to lose weight.

  30. Key to weight loss is to be 20 something and live healthy life style .. but it does not work for nature women so if you are over 40 get off of this Chanel 👍🏻

  31. Amina delic says:

    Hey, i've now already asked several acc on how to solve this problem, but noone rly helped, and u seem very well understanding so i hope u can help me. Im 13yro and in 2020 i started to not eat as much, this started good but i droped to eating only 300-600cals..whith my parents forcing me to mix some sort of pulver into my food that had around 300-500cals added to it, i've gained all the weight back. Which is not bad because now it doesn't look as bad on me anymore. But my body doesn't let me take in more the 800cals still. I've been eating 1500 in the beggining but with that i almost gained over 70kg which isn't healthy, now im around 60 again and its neither droping nore riding, but i wanna be able to enjoy food and life again…

  32. Verity H says:

    Great video thank you! How can we find out a TDEE that takes into account changes in metabolism? If our physical activity, body weight, age, height etc haven't changed, our TDEE might be lower if we have run a deficit and our body is trying to maintain homeostasis

  33. Nicci Zelda says:

    I haven’t gotten more than like 30 min TOTAL (not uninterrupted) of sleep per night like like 10 years

  34. Lucy Garcia says:

    the intro just called me out i listen so we’ll after that lol 😂❤

  35. thank you so much, it is so clear

  36. I really needed to hear this. Thank you so much. I have been on a weightloss journey for 1,5 months, but it has felt so restricting, not fun and a little sad at times when I saw the scale go up. Turns out, there can be ups and downs. So my new goal will be looking at my body, enjoying enough sleep and enough healthy nourishing food, instead of being obsessed with a number on the scale <3

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