Healthy Eating

Healthy eating habits

People often don’t see results from fad diets because they consist of habits that are easily broken and are difficult to stick to.

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  12. Dykens says:

    Olive oil, eggs, dairy, meat and restricting calories are not healthy FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME! Do your research, then realize that a whole foods plant based diet is the healthiest and then make the switch.

  13. Why would "diet drink" lead to long term weight gain, there's no f# calories in it n00bs

  14. mollemannen says:

    i've never gotten the "eat before shopping" thing. if i eat before shopping all cooking creativity goes down the drain and i probably buy bland microwaveable food. shopping on an empty stomach on the other hand makes the creativitysauce imagine all the beautiful combinations of ingredients. i think the point i'm trying to make is focus on what meal you want to cook at home and not what you can stuff your face with right after you swiped your card.

  15. alonzo slade says:

    The music was fucking annoying. +Business Insider

  16. avoid high fat and sugar that's the best diet you can have only drink water, and real juices no alcohol

  17. Dwėsk says:

    Skipping breakfast and trying to not eat anything 3-5 hours before sleep (not even snacking) is the best eating habit you can make to reduce your caloric intake.

  18. Bacon tho Cancer tho

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