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Easy Homemade Mochi Snacks

Mochi has much more to offer than just ice cream. We have that too though. Get My Cookbook: http://bit.ly/JWCookbookAmazon …

43 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Mochi Snacks

  1. BeefForLess says:

    But you wanna know who else has a bit of umami? Joshua. Great video. Can't wait to start snacking on that there mochi.

  2. Katakuri made me come here

  3. AshenHaze says:

    Deglazing with water?
    That's why cooking wine exists!

  4. Can you make the famous Hawaii mochi donuts i plant to open my own business and looking for the right recipe

  5. Erica Silva says:

    Thank you for making this video, ur such an inspiration!!!

  6. Mia Marcia says:

    Passando mal aqui…vou fazer na minha casa

  7. Josiah Araki says:

    My family still gathers annually to make mochi the same way our ancestors did before immigrating to the US.

    Someone got a large stone and used a lathe to make it into a giant Mortar called an "Usu". We soak sticky rice overnight then steam it in large wooden boxes until the trained checker is able to pull a grain out and smash it between his fingers without any grit left. it is then transferred into the Usu and mashed, then beaten with large wooden mallets called "Kine" until it reaches the proper consistency, upon which it's transferred to the table where the women roll it in corn starch and add the fillings.

  8. I’m a huge fan of Ethiopian food. Would love to see a video on how to make some of the vegetable dishes (or if anyone has video recs that’d be great!)

  9. Could you theoretically use the potato mochi to make Mitarashi Dango? Or would it just kinda dissolve while boiling?

  10. Please do mochi doughnuts like they have here at mister doughnut.

  11. Wouldn’t “potato mochi” really be perogies

  12. JC says:

    Make Bao dumplings

  13. I was drooling so hard throughout this…

  14. is 6:30 a real knife technique???

  15. Kaylee H. says:

    I made the little boys on a stick, but they came out with a kind of grainy texture on the inside that was really unpleasant as well as a faintly stale flavor. Anyone have suggestions on what I might have done wrong? I used the rice flour and glutinous rice flour I already had at home, is that probably the cause?

  16. bud_ _ says:

    Katakuri approves of this video

  17. Mikkachui says:

    I never really liked the ice cream mochi but my favorite is red bean filled and matcha.

  18. now THIS is the vid i needed

  19. ‘Big old balls’ my asexuality rises

  20. Straw Hat says:

    Would it be Mocchi or Gnochi at that point?

  21. Creon says:

    how would I substitute the glutenous rice flour if I can't eat gluten?

  22. joshua vega says:

    Ya know, I always love Josh's vids but whenever he does more Eastern Foods he just uses a bunch of unique ingredients that while available to most with some time and effort are only useful for a handful of recipes he releases at most, like its super cool to learn how to make these but unless I am just making a ton of Mochi Snacks then a solid chunk of the ingredients ya grab to make this are going to sit in your closet till they go bad

  23. "block of mozzarella"
    isn't mozzarella supposed to be a white ball? i'm not a cheese expert but that's the way i buy it

  24. I wanna have some "UH-MOMMY" flavor too

  25. Vicky S says:

    The chichi dango 🍡 looks so good.

  26. Maaan, I LOVE your videos and these mochi variations were cool, but…please, oh please, can you slow down a bit? 🙁 This video is 7 minutes long, but I lost you basically after 1.5 minutes! I'm not sure if it is only me who was bothered by the jabbering, but I didn't enjoy the sprint mode.

  27. Weissman-senpai, to the best of your knowledge would any of these different types be okay or tips for freezing before hitting the pan? For efficiency on a japanese theme night

  28. c b says:

    one dessert snack w glutinous rice flour i like to do when i have very ripe bananas is one banana, glutinous rice flour, and brown sugar (idk the measurements, i always just feel it out) combine and then divide and flatten the dough into small patties and pan fry in oil, optional step for a toasty flavor: press one side of the patty into sesame seeds before frying

  29. Theo says:

    This isn't related to mochi but why is the thumbnail so god damn saturated it burns my eye something like discord light mode

  30. mikekun15 says:

    Fun fact, mochi sends 100 people a year to the hospital in Japan due to choking. It kills some people too sadly.

  31. Feengur says:

    Which came first, the potato mochi or the gnocchi?

  32. Bro… please, slow down

  33. Kerri Nunes says:

    Those all look so amazing!

  34. Mochi was a snack that definitely changed my life

  35. Vanessa says:

    1:37 why can't you eat the whole thing? you mean, we can eat it, just not in one bite?

  36. Hi Josh, I'd love to see your take on Chinese tangyuan! I follow recipes online but I can never get the black sesame filling to be as smooth as the storebought ones when I boil them! Love your techniques here.

  37. Yuxis says:

    Bro literally making fancy arepa rellena

  38. Manarox2142 says:

    can you add subtitles in your video?
    or list of ingredients on video description

  39. Envy says:

    josh can u get rid of the bell sound effect

  40. With that second one you appear to have spelled gnocchi wrong.

  41. n/a says:

    Please Make the Dominos double decadence pizza!!!!!!

  42. Pleasssee do one with icecream 😊

  43. I clicked this because I was a Katakuri Fan of OP. Also learned it was not just a sweet snack

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