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Does CBD from cannabis help with arthritis? | CBD is a safe alternative for pain, anxiety, and sleep

CBD gummies, capsules, oil, vape, and flower are good options for the treatment of your knee pain, hip pain, hand pain, and back …

14 thoughts on “Does CBD from cannabis help with arthritis? | CBD is a safe alternative for pain, anxiety, and sleep

  1. Can we use cbd oil to lower our high due to smoking marijuana??

  2. I’ve been taking CBD for a few months now and it has helped my osteoarthritis in my knees, ankles and hips.

  3. I used Weedborn CBD products and healed without any problems.

  4. Robin Alford says:

    Plain CBD doesn't get you high. But they found that it helps control seizures that traditional medication doesn't control. Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura's late wife had uncontrollable seizures. She was on 4 different drugs for it and they all failed. He had a friend bring him back some cannabis oil from Colorado. He gave her some and she didn't have a seizure the rest of the day. He said that he chose to break the law to save the life of the woman he loved. He said the law is wrong. I've never seen a tough Navy Seal get choked up about something, but he did.

  5. tony brigner says:

    thank you so much for this information doctor natural ways for healing or support are the best

  6. b says:

    I wish we could just call it cannabis call it how it is cannabis is an amazing plant thats proven to treat 70 percent of human conditions and thc is not all evil or a bad thing thc helps with cancer and pain and appetite. Its just been genetically modified to have more thc and less cbd. Please peoples dont demonise one part of the plant and acknowledge the rest

  7. Wanda Cardec says:

    How do I find some that's not ingested, like a gel or cream?

  8. K Fergus says:

    CBD oil has helped with my knees, the only thing is dry mouth. But it works for me

  9. CBD is not for kids or pregnant women? Incorrect. Take a hemp-based broad spectrum. Green Compass is a very safe option – 3rd party lab tested. A high quality CBD is for EVERY body. There are cannabinoids in breast milk.

  10. Paul Shearer says:

    I am a medicinal cannabis and CBD patient for chronic pain (osteoarthritis), gastritis, anxiety and depression. I have found that, for me, CBD is absolutely brilliant for anxiety and depression and moderately effective for pain. I recently had bilateral hip replacement with no post-operative opioids. I did the whole post op process with Panadol, ice packs and medicinal cannabis, and it was very tolerable. 🙂

  11. So now I am healthier as well as my whole family. Only thanks to Weedborn CBD.

  12. 3 months ago I started taking Weedborn CBD. This is the best option for me. You can help yourself with CBD.

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