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#66 | 7 Healthy & Easy Breakfast Recipes for the Entire Week

Many of us skip breakfast because we’re rushing to get out the door in the morning. It’s often called ‘the most important meal of the …

47 thoughts on “#66 | 7 Healthy & Easy Breakfast Recipes for the Entire Week

  1. Her 86m2 says:

    Which one is your favorite dish? 🥰

  2. They all look delicious! Thank you 🙂

  3. Doanh Nguyen says:

    Bạn đến từ đâu

  4. Jing Ying Oo says:

    I like your videos. You gave me motivations and initiatives to do better.

  5. ↓日本語


    ↓English(I am not confident in my English ability😢)
    nice to meet you! I am Japanese.
    I recently subscribed to your channel!

    I thought your videos were a different culture.
    But I was very happy to have a Japanese breakfast menu.

    I look forward to your videos.

  6. Последний 😂просто потому что его реальней всего успеть сделать с утра👍🏻🤍остальные рецепты конечно тоже классные, но это когда придет вдохновение и время 🙌🏻

  7. tree top says:


  8. Потрясающе😍🌿

  9. Ember Muninn says:

    What kind of waffle maker is that? I’d love to get one and make this recipe

  10. Cathy Wyman says:

    You eat so healthy. All the recipes looked good, but I think the quinoa and apples was my favorite, oh and then the waffles.

  11. Min Sung Kim says:

    진짜 슬로우푸드네.. 굽는데만 20-25분;; 몇시에 일어나야돼.. 한국에선 상상도 못하겠어 사무실 도착해서 시리얼 찌끄리거나 먹어도 대충 김밥 빵..

  12. ماهو عمل زوجك

  13. 어묵과 채소가 곁들여진 메밀국수 맛있어 보입니다. 고맙습니다.💕

  14. I have to try the last one. It sound interesting. Greetings from Bavaria!

  15. Es sieht alles sehr appetitlich und lecker aus, danke für die schönen Anregungen : )

  16. Алина says:

    Благодарю за прекрасные рецепты, с удовольствием дополню их в наши завтраки! Все, как я люблю- красиво, вкусно и полезно, просто и душевно….я обожаю с утра печёные яблоки, печёная тыква с сахарной пудрой, тосты с авокадо, с красной солёной рыбой и другими начинками, смузи,овсяные хлопья с ягодами и фруктами, фруктовые салаты и многое другое)) сегодня приготовлю по Вашему рецепту фаршированные кабачки….с любовью Алина.

  17. Thank you for your video.
    They are always a great inspiration for me if I could get your recipe for the bread you baked.
    Regards Ania

  18. i like it,thanks for sharing your amazing breakfasts.

  19. Русский язык, пожалуйста, используйте

  20. Mis desayunos no tienen nada que ver con los que tú preparas, yo me preparo un café con leche, una tostada de pan con aceite de oliva con una de mis mermeladas caseras y, unas frutas troceadas-

  21. Hii dear you covering brown peppar name plz?❤️

  22. Bueno, vamos a ver… Para que perdemos un minuto intentando querer a una banda de criminales y psicópatas. A estas horas y esa demostrado: ya han atacado.

    Escoria humana que esperemos que termine muy muy mal

  23. fly786 says:

    💐 amazing video 🌚 like your all video 🙂 love u from BD💝

  24. Raquel Garza says:

    I would buy your cookbook, just saying ❤

  25. Món ngon nhìn thèm. Hạt dền nấu với táo có phải là món che ngọt ko wm.

  26. Maya Curae says:

    I liked the first one and the last one. Not really a savory breakfast person. Nice alternative ideas to typical waffles and oatmeal

  27. HaXuan Le says:

    Thanks for sharing your amazing breakfasts. I love the way you did banh khot. It's simple but yummy more than the traditional way as my hometown did.

  28. Petite Plume says:

    J'adore TOUT. La recette de l'omelette est extra et inratable désormais. Merci. J'adore aussi les gaufres aux flocons d avoine. Tout est inspirant. Merciiiiii 💙💙💙💙

  29. Sending love and light

  30. RarA ruu says:

    I am Japanese. I am very happy that you made Japanese food, soba! !

  31. DramaMusic9 says:

    Kênh nội dung và hình ảnh rất hay và đẹp . Hình như chị là người Việt Nam phải ko ạ?

  32. I love your video…
    Very nice…

  33. Léa Rogiez says:

    I want to try everything ! Thanks for tout beautiful vidéo

  34. Ciao, ti seguo da un po' e mi piacciono i tuoi video per tutto ciò che esprimi, la tua profondità e leggerezza allo stesso tempo me li fa apprezzare in particolar modo ora che, avendo subito un brutto terremoto ad Ancona Italia qualche giorno fa, ho bisogno di aggrapparmi a pensieri sereni e positivi. Grazie

  35. Bere Rojas says:

    Toda me gustaron, pero más la receta japonesa :3

  36. Bere Rojas says:

    Toda me gustaron, pero más la receta japonesa :3

  37. Que pena que durante o vídeo , não tem as escritas em português.

  38. Gostaria de aprender fazer petiscos como você prepara.

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