These 3 Salads Helped Me Lose 100 Pounds!

Get Ritual’s Multivitamin here – Thank you for joining me for today’s video! There are so many recipes …

39 thoughts on “These 3 Salads Helped Me Lose 100 Pounds!

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  2. Your link to the air fryer brings up a cell phone case.

  3. I love how you love food. GOOD food! ❤️

  4. Im sorry butt everytime i watch you your nails bugg me. You have really big hands.

  5. New here I will definitely try these recipes. Ty for sharing this video

  6. These 3 Salads Helped Me Lose 100 Pounds via the Low Carb Love youtube channel contains some beneficial ideas and I enjoyed that the youtube author generously shared some of the supplements that are accompanied with her eating plan, I only wish that I found this youtube video sooner though at least I found it now.

  7. But honey? That's definitely not on approved keto list, so did you just customize your diet and not strictly keto? Im not judging, just confused.

  8. It’s never too early or too late to work on a better you.

  9. Jackbythesea says:

    When I was 55 years old I went to The Culinary Institute ….. I just made your Asian Salad and OMG! You nailed it! 5 Stars!

  10. Where do you find coconut bacon?

  11. I want that house! What state are you in? I’m looking for a new home! Share this city or town please?

  12. Where did you get the wooden bowl spoon from

  13. Home made dressings are definitely the way to go. Some of those sugar free dressings taste so weird.

  14. Mimi says:

    I’m not trying to lose weight but I love salads. Thanks for sharing

  15. Nancy Ranger says:

    Salad is the best for weight loss. Thanks! I lost 60 pounds – ate salad every day.

  16. Are the salads you made 1 serving???? Or for the family. Just seems like so much to eat. I've been programmed that the less food on the plate the better. You've also inspired me to try living a keto life style. Started 5 days ago. Thanks for doing your channel.

  17. 1a2 says:

    I talked to the big wigs the other day. They said its a good idea to listen to your body. If you're hungry, eat. But get the eating under control. Just thought I'd contribute.

  18. People taking multi vitamins tend to live shorter life

  19. Just made the first salad & dressing. So good!!

  20. Just made the Asian salad dressing and used choczero maple syrup as my sweetener and it was perfection!

  21. Borat Lion says:

    100 pounds! !!! Were you morbidly obese before? That’s a lot

  22. Renee Barnes says:

    Hold the avocado!! 😁😁

  23. What brand of probiotics do you use?

  24. You are amazing 👏 keep it up 💪 i lost 80 pounds on keto

  25. Cross Boy says:

    💯💯💥💃💃love your channel🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  26. I’ve seen you on Instagram a thousand times. Glad I found your channel

  27. Victoria L says:

    What blender are you using?
    Salad looks delicious!! Can’t wait to make all 3😀

  28. Lol you also got a tummy tuck

  29. These are my favourite too. So good!. You look gorgeous❤

  30. Great video… I love salads and I like to change things up by using arugula and red and green cabbage.
    Arugula is healthier than romaine and it has a great peppery taste.

  31. Vera Pilecki says:

    Where did u get your little cute blender?

  32. Vera Pilecki says:

    I always find that my Virgin Olive oil is bitter tasting. Which is just terrible because it's so so bitter…. do you find that?

  33. Vera Pilecki says:

    Can u pls put a link as to where to purchase the supplement? Thx!

  34. I have so many questions

  35. Janet Davis says:

    I am doing keto eating, I'm gluten free so this helps, also have cut sugar from my diet, I can't wait to make this Asian salad

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