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The 4 BEST Glute Exercises For A Nicer Butt (GYM OR HOME!) Ft. Bret Contreras

When it comes to how to grow your glutes, you need to first realize that you can experience much more overall growth and …

31 thoughts on “The 4 BEST Glute Exercises For A Nicer Butt (GYM OR HOME!) Ft. Bret Contreras

  1. How many of you did I catch with that intro 😉 ? For more training & nutrition guidance, take our free analysis quiz at to find which of our step-by-step programs are best suited for transforming your specific body. Cheers!

  2. Fitterminal says:

    the beginning just had me dying hahahaha you're awesome ^^

  3. Nice information thank you❤

  4. Zay says:

    Please do a video of just a full glute workout no equipment

  5. freexx says:

    I cannot tell, how much I am grateful for these explanations. Your tutorials and videos are pure perfection. Thanks.

  6. Am I the only one who kept rewinding to the first few seconds? 😂✋🏿

    But, seriously, thank you I really need this video, the pancake committee here 😢

  7. Zoe Cui says:

    Thanks Jeremy and Dr Bret Contreras. I like my workout minimalistic, do the most bang for the bucks movements. I will stick with those four for a while and see how that goes.

  8. whoahdude says:

    I watch lots of fitness videos on youtube. This is the most informative, calmest and most articulate video on glutes. I can't believe it's a free video.

  9. Liz German says:

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into these videos. The graphics are incredibly helpful. Your interview with Bret was straight to the point and professional. What an excellent video. Thank you.

  10. best and most helpful workout video by far

  11. Tom Cat says:

    You don't even have glutes buddy.

  12. T0myTune says:

    This was great, everything i wanted to know 10/10

  13. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!😭 I have been trying to figure out what’s it called the part of my body I HATE. My glue medius & now, I KNOW WHAT EXERCISES TO TARGET IT!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  14. Abe Kmetovic says:

    Truly Great Video – Clear, Concise, Excellently Illustrated, thorough and overall, Short / Tight. No preable, fluff or rambling. I write and record help materials for software companies. This is quality work. … I took a bunch of screen grabs and took notes and now I have an excellent static tutorial to refer to. Thank you Jeremy.

  15. Goddess says:

    David Beckhams butt!!

  16. geekbaritone says:

    So funny that that intro faking people out that it's a girl but it's himself. No disappointment for me so the fake out did not work.

  17. Nothing beats the soreness of walking lunges after not doing them for a while. I remember the first time I ever tried them and after the first set I sat down and when I tried to get back up it was as if those muscles didn't work anymore. Sitting on the toilet was a problem for a few days afterwards.

  18. Ashley Haley says:

    What’s an alternative for the lunge if you have bad knees?

  19. Byoungermama says:

    I laughed so hard at the beginning I was like that looks like a dudes butt 😅 sure enough lol! ❤❤

  20. Robert Tran says:

    Jeremy, You got me in the beginning! You have a Ph@t @$$ lol

  21. David Krane says:

    Will return to this video possibly

  22. I feel nothing in my ass doing any of these

  23. Ain’t gonna lie in only watching this because I gotta rehab from an ACL tear, butt, it’s something I’ve been neglecting.

  24. Wow! The detail is truly appreciated in thos, as is the alternative ways to achieve outside of the gym. Thank you.

  25. Aphra Benn says:

    Very clear, very useful. Thanks. Well done.

  26. Anyone got a back friendly Alternative for the 45 degree hyperextension? Im Fused and Not convinced of this one

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