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How To Build Muscle For $8/Day (HEALTHY MEAL PREP ON A BUDGET)

There’s a common misconception out there that eating healthy (and tasty) on a budget is impossible. But that’s not true. You can …

47 thoughts on “How To Build Muscle For $8/Day (HEALTHY MEAL PREP ON A BUDGET)

  1. Hope you enjoyed this one! For more diet & training guidance, take our free analysis quiz at to find which of our step-by-step programs are best suited for transforming your specific body. Cheers!

    ***Note: In the video, the macros for the egg stir fry were accidentally duplicated from the smoothie macros. The correct macros for the egg stir fry are in the PDF and in the description box, which should be: 602 calories, 27g protein, 81g carbs, 18g fat

  2. How does fried rice with just 3 eggs have over 50 grams of protein? Doesn't make sense

  3. Danyal Khan says:

    Really appreciate the free simple knowledge

  4. Too bad my girlfriend is a terrible hoarder our kitchen is unusable so I have no choice but to eat out

  5. BEST VIDEO EVERRRRRRRRRRRR! straight to the point that is all I need. thanks!!!!

  6. GhostFace says:

    Why does meal#2 in the video say 55g of protein but in the description it’s 27g protein?

  7. SQUAMI-MAMI says:

    all that cost way more than what you put. Whey Protein $$, Milk $, Oats$

  8. yukiaiii says:

    lol the egg price aged well

  9. Sully says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  10. This man is a life saver. Hats off man for all your hardwork seriously!!! Build physique and also make savings, perfecto!!!

  11. Toli Teas says:

    Ponzu limelemon sauce is great as well. I use it with Jasmine rice.

  12. inflation really messed up this vid.

  13. I'm not really building for muscle, just trying to burn fat. Currently eating 1500 Calories per day with two cheat days of 2800 Calories <Usually on the days I donate Plasma>. Trying to hit around 100g of Protein, but would you recommend more?

    Like I said, not trying to gain muscle, but I am trying to avoid losing it while losing weight.

  14. Cory Scott says:

    One of the best so far. I have a much better idea now on how to incorporate this into my busy day since I work in the office from 9-5. I dont have the time to cook as often.

  15. dyhiscence says:

    these meals are so easy and require few ingredients. this is perfect for me!! thank you

  16. Chest says:

    gone are the days 3 eggs cost 0.42 dollars

  17. This dude is such a G. Literally went above and beyond all my expectations for the vid!

  18. Since prices on food recently changed, I recalculated protein per dollar for these foods myself. The full table is below (added a few other pricier proteins of my choice):

    Beef jerky (oz) 8

    Core Power Milk Shake (12 pack) 9

    Shrimp (ALDI, oz) 11

    Salmon (ALDI, oz) 15

    Whey isolate 18

    Sliced turkey (ALDI, oz) 19

    Round steak (ALDI, lbs) 19

    Ground beef (90%, Family pack or ALDI, lbs) 20

    Ground turkey (94%, Family pack or ALDI, oz) 23

    Eggs 24

    Tilapia (ALDI, oz) 26

    Cottage Cheese (1%, Family pack, oz) 27

    Canned tuna (ALDI, 1 can) 29

    Pork loin (lbs) 31

    Canned chicken (Family pack, 1 can) 31

    Chicken breast (ALDI, lbs) 33

    Whole milk 43

    The key takeaways are: 1) eggs are no longer a cheap source of protein, though still essential and have to be bought; 2)chicken breasts vary widely in price depending on where exactly you buy them, and can range in price from second cheapest protein after milk to being as expensive as beef; and 3) quality whey protein powder isolate purchased according to advice you give in your other video is actually not at all cheap, being on par with beef and sliced turkey. But still worth it for the convenience if its liquid form.

  19. Lightstar105 says:

    Message from 2023, you mean for 14 a day 😭

  20. You were very thorough with your explanations and breakdowns, good watch, I learned alot! Thank you 😀

  21. Markus says:

    Sounds all great but if I buy 300g of chicken breast it's about 13 dollars, how is a meal suppost to be 2.48$ then??

  22. Eugene Bos says:

    How do the fuck u got the same price per protein of whey vs chicken? 1kg chicken breast $3 = 200g of protein, whey $6.8, u don't see the difference? lol Even if we include that chicken protein digestibility lower on 10% its much cheaper. In America chicken breast $4.35, same shit.

  23. Just made the stir fry and its my first time cooking by myself and i kinda scuffed it but its alright. It’ll get better once i cook more

  24. Joel Lamica says:

    Maybe I’m tripping but how is 3 eggs veggies and brown rice 55grams of protein? Last I checked Eggs are 6-7 grams of protein each… totaling 18-21 grams of protein plus the protein of brown rice which is 1.5 Grams of protein per cup. Maybe I’m missing the math somewhere on this one..

  25. Man this video is epic. But what if I can't have protein powder? What should I replace it with?

  26. s Sharma says:

    Thanks a lot for your Hard work and valuable Information

  27. Firjr X says:

    A moment of silence for everybody this man helped

  28. angela ortiz says:

    Is this me a good if you are diabetic

  29. Listen Up says:

    Loved this video💪🏻 Does anyone here on the comments have any other meal recommendations I’m looking to add something else along with this!!

  30. Egg stir fry
    How this is 55 gm of protein in that???

  31. iiSoWKi says:

    how would i reduce the calories amount to 2100?

  32. Zack D says:

    Can't do eggs anymore. I'm sad. Eggs are so expensive now in 2023.

  33. KayVic says:

    This video has been probably the most helpful I've seen and I've watched thousands

  34. Bizzlex says:

    Me that doesn’t have a blender : 🥲

  35. GurdianZee says:

    Ever since I found your YouTube I’ve been so consistent with watching your videos they are helping me a lot

  36. Rays Garage says:

    this video had to have been done before the Pandemic

  37. Everyone else be making fancy smoothies and here you be making the only one I enjoy lol

  38. Being tall sucks for gaining weight, I have to eat 3k calories or I lose weight. Im already super skinny too

  39. Pat Collins says:

    I just averaged my daily protein intake and adjusted my protein shakes to fill in the gap on average. im on that chickennugget diet

  40. That study on prices definitely doesn't take BOGOs into account because Publix would win everytime.

    P.S.: Fried rice is way better with leftover rice from the fridge…so make it the night before.

  41. James Brown says:

    Brilliant – thank you for serving the world!

    And the very best – you showed the real product – meat, tomato, onion, Milk, potato – no covers, no pictures, no words, no letters – cause that's actually how having breakfast, lunch or Dinner has been the last several hundred thousand years.

    Detox of the soul as well as succesfull work out both start here.

    … My wife and i eat and cook simply the same why as you – it's 'perfect and healthy' for every day just as well for non-workouters.

    We are europeans – about 8 to 10 € per day for each of us from Aldi, Mercadona or Lidl is all it takes, and as a healthy routine we are happy that we don't have to think much about it if we don't like to.

    Thank you for your service once again!

    Actually you seem to do way more for the USA with regard to international relationships than a General Petreus does for instance – congratulations!

  42. Amari R says:

    Amazing video! You really covered everything. Thank you so much

  43. Corey Black says:

    Coreyblack you see too many people too

  44. Keagan Brix says:

    the shake and stirfry have the exact same macros???

  45. sloppy says:

    saddest eggs i ever saw

  46. Noah Watts says:

    This video gives the most value out of almost any YouTube video I’ve seen about fitness and health! Thank you!

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