Forearm Workout With Dumbbells! 💪🏻👽 #shorts

Chase that pump & get them gains with this forearm workout with dumbbells only! Download our Exerprise Workout Meal Planner …

25 thoughts on “Forearm Workout With Dumbbells! 💪🏻👽 #shorts

  1. Build those forearms with only dumbbells Aliens! Let’s get after it. No limits 💪🏻👽
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  2. Pablo says:

    One ta two minutes

  3. TRDarkonML says:

    Me thinking I can do this with my 30lb dumbbells 😂

  4. xyelor says:

    How many days a week can I do this?

  5. nepzski says:

    i did 1 set of all of these and my forearms are so stiff its hard to type right now 😭
    edit i dont think i can do another set 😂
    edit did all 3 sets and reverse wrist curl was almost impossible on the last set

  6. If your above 6ft your body won’t let you do this type of shit, longs are way to long to get a comfortable position, this guys like 5’8 so he makes it look even

  7. Rgv- Anime says:

    How many pounds is good to start

  8. abcTangcoy says:

    What steveo would sound like if he wasnt a part of Jackass 😂

  9. Vicks ki goli lo hickich dur karo

  10. Bruh says:

    Can I train my forearms everyday or is that too much. I want to get my forearms as big as possible.

  11. My dumbbell's plates are so big that it literally hits my forearms while curling it 😅

  12. Beeshke says:

    do you do 1 set and then rest or all three sets and then rest?

  13. Nbs bro got me hyped more and more I watched dis vid bk2bk

  14. Gerson Ramos says:

    Bro I never knew my forearms were so weak I tried this and it felt I had practically had no mucle there

  15. So I'm Not The Only One In This Comment Section With Two Golf Clubs,Gonna Start This Now

  16. hag ninety says:

    Hi. Does anyone know the anabolic aliens’ height? Seems to be a short person. I think we’re close to the same height. I’m also quite short for my weight.

  17. Mike Hunt says:

    Never sleep on the forearms! Could lift nearly 50% more with my bicep curl when I started focusing more on forearms

  18. Mike Honcho says:

    My dumbass never thought to look up forearm workouts. I got cursed with really small forearms from my father and I remember him telling me when I was younger that was his biggest insecurity. I always wear long sleeves mainly because of my forearms but with this new found knowledge I will begin wearing my tshirts proudly 😩

  19. Those wrist curls work💯💯💯

  20. Vincë says:

    Now about that weird bangs coz of hair loss. Are you natural or not?

  21. never says:

    this is the second day I’ve been doing this and wow, it works my arms out, but does it feel good when I’m finished, on the second day I saw more veins! I’ll update in a couple days

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