Lose Weight Fast

Fastest Way to Lose Weight at Home Naturally | Tips to Solve 50% of Weight Loss Problems

Learn about weight loss problems and solutions to help you succeed in your weight loss journey. Practice this one powerful tip …

48 thoughts on “Fastest Way to Lose Weight at Home Naturally | Tips to Solve 50% of Weight Loss Problems

  1. Hope you found this video helpful. This excellent tip can help you prevent overeating as well as burn calories efficiently. Many across the globe are looking for safe and effective ways to lose weight and stay fit. Do share this valuable information so that many can benefit from this. Let us together make the world a better place to live in.

  2. Satwant Kaur says:

    Really ma’m your videos are so meaningful for us🧑

  3. Nicely explain πŸ‘

  4. Salma Falin says:

    Thanks mam for your useful video your explanation is amazing πŸ‘love you mam ❀😘

  5. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. This was started by Kellogg in 1930s in America to promote their brand of cereals. It has been scientifically proven that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. Look it up. Thank you!

  6. Do you have any advise on Lipedema

  7. Familieslive says:

    Maam please guide with the video of food for people with low blood pressure!!

  8. Aathira Anil says:

    How to eat oats in the morning? It will not help in weight lose when consumed with milk(my personal experience). Somebody tell me how to consume oats to lose weight faster.

  9. Namaste mam , please make a video for breast lump

  10. Mam I hv dermoid cyst n PCOS so how can I loose my weight because I m unable to reduce it

  11. Meena Sahni says:

    Now a days , intermittent fasting is the trend . Should we go for it

  12. AMAZING RUP says:

    I have reduced 5 kgs in 20 days … thank u maam.. from 86 to 81 now😊

  13. Mam can u suggest us is fasting is good for a whole day???

  14. What about corn meal? Does it have Selenium?

  15. SKA says:

    any tip to stop craving for soft drinks ? i want to loose weight but cannot pass a single day without consuming a bottle of cold drink

  16. jbts devi says:

    belly fat after c section pls suggest remedies mam

  17. anamica joty says:

    I can't maintain weight loss chart in college time. So, Mam please suggest a weight loss diet plan in college time which I will maintain it easily.

  18. Mam i am suffering from rapid growing lipomo all over my body. Pls give me some remedy

  19. Mam pls…pls suggest some healthy weight gain tips…πŸ˜₯

  20. Thank you Hansa ma Dr Hansaji πŸ™πŸ»

  21. divya yadav says:

    Not true…every body is different..some ppl are more efficient without breakfast

  22. Piyush jat says:

    When ever my mother try to loss weight she suffers from low BP lack of blood and weakness.

  23. Why only weight loss
    Weight gain is also a big concern

  24. Anita Jhamb says:

    Make a video on incisional harnia

  25. Maam how do you suggest any diet or life who works night shift?

  26. Mam plse tell for weight gain and to increase breast size πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  27. Ma'am plz give some advice and make a video on teenager weight loss

  28. Shree Mod says:

    How about half a cup of tea with some whole grain biscuits, seeds and fruit with sometime gap

  29. How about video on night shift

  30. P. says:

    What if one wants to do intermittent fasting – after 11pm dinner straight 1pm lunch fast for 14 hours

  31. Plz make a vedio on beard greying…
    Many teenagers are facing issue…
    Beard hairs are getting grey in very young age…Plz have remedies to turn it black

  32. Thankyou Madame. I steam vegetables eat those and drink the juice after it has cooled. It has no taste and can be added to smoothies.πŸ¦‹πŸ™πŸ¦‹

  33. Ping Pong says:

    The food you eat at 'breakfast' isn't available for energy for several hours. It has to be broken down into a paste then passed through the small intestine – which is twenty feet long! When you awake, all the coming days' energy has been 'prepared' and stored from last night's meal.

  34. Ma'am pls suggest how to stop food cravings for sweets, chats in our day to day life .

  35. hello mam, what about the people who are intermittent fasting? can they skip breakfast?

  36. Want a video on blackspots

  37. Manjula Y says:

    Namaskaaram dear Hansa maa πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  38. Sri Krishna says:

    Excellent video πŸ™

  39. Super.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜€

  40. Wow so much informative video ..thanks a lot Maa..

  41. Actually I lost weight but am not able to maintain weight still am loosing weight help me out

  42. Ishika Singh says:

    how to cool body in summer for hostel student who not having good facilities plz tell.

  43. thankyou ma'am for valuable tips in this vedioπŸ™

  44. Patti says:

    Thank you, Ma'am for your tipsπŸ’•

  45. Thank you mam for such a beautiful tips πŸ€πŸ’…….

  46. I don't why weight gain videos are so underrated .. You will find weight loss videos everywhere.. but what about weight gain?

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