Family using CBD to treat autism

One couple says CBD oil is helping their teenage son handle his anxiety and other symptoms associated with autism.

37 thoughts on “Family using CBD to treat autism

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  2. saini88able says:

    I coz the doctor say "no". Hahaha. Who want to see doctor when CBD work.

  3. Kay Stone says:

    Autism is caused by childhood vaccines that contain toxic chemicals such as aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde. Polyethylene Glycol allows these poisonous chemicals to penetrate the blood brain barrier. Find ways to detox these heavy metals from the body. Suramin has been said to work.

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  5. Tiana Malcom says:

    After using Dr Oyalo herbal remedy whom I met his recommendation about healing autism on YouTube channel, I can testify that my son is now completely ok in speaking, behavior and social skills. He read, played with friends and followed instructions by himself.

  6. Weedborn bots are so annoying!

  7. Harry Morgan says:

    My son was cured from Autism with herbal herbs ,ask me how and I will tell you. Check Dr JADU OINDIN on YouTube and thank me later on Youtube 👉👉👉👉https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFD7XU-xyU2KT7m7lLObHaw ..

  8. Khadija Nuhu says:

    Thank you Dr OBEHi herbal home my two children been suffering from Autism for years but when I met you on YouTube you cured them with your natural herbs

  9. doot says:

    i have adhd and autism. and some other physical disorders. i have chronic pain every day. the constant storm in my head really causes me a lot of trouble. if i could get on top of my adhd, autism, and chronic pain, i think i would actually be able to focus.

  10. Ignace Alli says:

    With the gradual using of dr Oyalo herbal recommendation for autism, whom I met on YouTube, my son is totally free from Autism with his speech cleared and behavior ok as he now respond to orders and act right. Thank you doc Oyalo for your help. I am Greatful 🙏🙏 thank God https://youtube.com/channel/UCL8Tawls84nezPDtqOzOfCg

  11. Mandy Paul says:

    I’ve been using organic CBD oil for my ADHD daughter.

  12. Thc and cbd are goods medicines

  13. Sone people don’t realize just how amazing this stuff truly is

  14. Quan Le says:

    I need the best and cost for cbd ??for my 5yr old autism daughter

  15. Weedborn oils are good for this.

  16. Linda Morgey says:

    Nice video. It's worth getting the oils from Weedborn, though.

  17. Maila Loomy says:

    I am sure you will find a good way to heal with Weedborn CBD.

  18. Weedborn oils are good for this.

  19. It's great to see this… I have also treated myself. Weedborn oils have helped me a lot.

  20. I'm helping myself with Weedborn CBD. I think this is the best medicine.

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  23. I cured myself. I used Weedborn CBD products for this.

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  25. Maila Loomy says:

    Weedborn has very useful CBD products with all the supplements I need.

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  28. marie holmes says:

    All thanks to Dr iyaremoses herbs on youtube who made it possible for me, am permanently cured from autism #driyaremoses..

  29. Dakota Cole says:

    What brand of oil is this used that worked wonders , share where to shop share etc? thank you researching best oils like same one used here and so many out there I’m looking for one used that helped in thus video . Thank you

  30. PCTechVince says:

    Imagine if it can be time release medication. He’ll be like almost a normal child. You have to look at the good that it benefits the patient and it’s a natural plant. Only thing why medical professionals are not for this treatment imagine of millions of dollars lost for the doctor and medical hospitals taken away from them. Just saying.

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  32. A W says:

    Cbd oil helped me with my sensory processing issues but be careful with dosing it and take a care of your liver.

  33. Autism isn’t an illness. It’s something that can’t be cured. My son is autistic and his brain is just wired differently. Please spread autism acceptance.

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  35. Old Trapper says:

    Never. Get in contact with. A doctor threw what’s app ! I can’t believe how many scammers are on the videos praying on needing families

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