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CBD Vape Pens from *Plant of Life* || For Stress, Anxiety, Pain and Sleep Disorders

CBD Vape Pens from *Plant of Life* || For Stress, Anxiety, Pain and Sleep Disorders Hey Wonderful People and thanks for …

28 thoughts on “CBD Vape Pens from *Plant of Life* || For Stress, Anxiety, Pain and Sleep Disorders

  1. Yura Kovalec says:

    I have purchased CBD products from Weedborn and can recommend them to anyone.

  2. Amy M. says:

    This is a paid review? Or they send you the product for a review?

  3. Kdubb_ says:

    I ordered 2 CBD Vapes from plant of life today..

    Can't wait to try it out!

  4. Nice movie. However, it is worth reaching for oils from Weedborn.

  5. I have heard very good reviews about Weedborn CBD products.

  6. My husband used these CBD products from Weedborn and is very pleased.

  7. def trial and error everyones body is different and tolerance is different . which one is your favorite? mango sounds good. yes I like the relaxing and the help with sleep and anxiety.

  8. hey mare, excited to hear about your vape pens! oh nice they ship to us.. I will have to give these a try.i have issues w/ sleeping and anxiety. I'm glad your letting people know cbd is not thc. I think a lot of people get scared because they do not know.

  9. I'm so interested I'm this!!

  10. Ohh I have stress and anxiety! I've heard so many things about these products! Especially for pain

  11. Ohhhh love this🤗 girl u look beautiful 🔥

  12. henry lance says:

    Hi where can I get on a website

  13. There’s a mango flavor Too ? I love how the light is blue when you inhale .

  14. Oh ok you just answered my question . So it’s not Gonna get you high .

  15. I really need to get on the CBD band wagon because I have all of the above on your title. 😭How are they different from an addictive drug tho ?

  16. Woa, the product that you rub on takes away aches? I always have muscle aches! I have a neck ache right now

  17. Hi Mare, I've never heard of this…here watching

  18. MKF30 says:

    I enjoyed seeing you get high! Joking haha 😄 😋 I've have had anxiety for 15 years sadly 2020 was one of the worst with everything that happened that year. I've never been into weed related products. Regular weed I've smelled from second hand hits in the past made me more anxious and nauseous not a fan. Obviously these aren't meant to get you high per-se i just avoid anything related to cb or weed products personally. But I know these things can help some people. I practice meditation, breathing exercises, sleep better and take zanax(when needed) thankfully all of those combined help me out. I enjoy your vids and reviews. I bet you'd be great at Asmr.👍😃

  19. Thank you so much for sharing!! Have a fabulous day 💞

  20. I love the packaging 💞💞. I love that it is tested by a 3rd party lab!!

  21. Hi, Mare!! I have never tried this, but am so interested to hear more!!

  22. Hi Mare! I have heard so many benefits about CBD I love 💕 and all in about natural products and and quality ingredients!!! I love your nails 💅🏻 and that shirt is beautiful how many different flavors do they have? Do you know about the dosage recommendations?

  23. I love cbd so much it helps me sleep and also relief my stress and anxiety ❤
    Yes Mare I'm so done with pharmaceutical companies they help with one thing and affectband damage so many other things in our bodies 🙈 how does it make sense, i have never understood, oh the vape pen looks so cute and I was going to ask you does the vape pen get clogged after multiple days of use

  24. Hi Mare! Such nice packaging! I have not tried any CBD products but I always hear great things! This looks like a nice company! Organic is a big plus! This would help me with everything you just described! I have a long list lol Thanks for sharing! This is really interesting! Natural is the best!

  25. Oh nice they have some for pets too?! So good. We were actually thinking about getting something like that for lola our puppy because she can be super hyper at times and scratches jayleen a lot so she needs something to calm down a bit 😂 I feel like she might have anxiety is that a thing for dogs? 😆 so you can actually taste the flavor? That’s cool. Love the color of the peppermint one, hmm mango 🥭 that’s interesting. Very pretty colors.

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