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budget friendly breakfast for 1.29 € #healthyrecipes #healthyfood

24 thoughts on “budget friendly breakfast for 1.29 € #healthyrecipes #healthyfood

  1. LiveFree says:

    It's just awesome and so quick to make and bake! Even if your parents or friends say, "We'll be at your place in 15 minutes", you'll be welcoming them with these delicious cakes ❤

  2. EYeet says:

    can i make this in the air fryer?

  3. LunAdepti says:

    But how much is the oven? LMAO

  4. susan miller says:

    Look lush am starving lol.

  5. ANDREY .1 says:

    Shrek nostalgia has joined The video:

  6. I live in England..
    Inflation: 😘😘

  7. ravenstone says:

    Umm beans on/and toast way cheaper

  8. Willow says:

    Her: I have like- the best for breakfast! Wbu?
    Me: I have a tangerine for breakfast😀..

  9. Jog Tube says:

    Luckily the oven use doesnt cost anything….

  10. ocd4lane says:

    I really appreciate these "single serving" recipes. I live alone and tend to overindulge instead of waste when I have so much leftover.

  11. hiiii says:

    no no how much was the baking cups and the oven!

  12. people in the ik when chocolate chips are £2.25

  13. That looks amazing,can I do it without peanut butter?

  14. Alex&El says:


  15. XHayleyX says:

    Don’t forget the over 100$ oven!😂

  16. 😅 it must taste good but no offence it doesn’t look that appetising

  17. SISJEDI says:

    When you do something it looks like you are scared just saying

  18. Eli says:

    Can I do it without cinnamon?

  19. O thank u sm for d receipe as I usually need something sweet while I m off to my work …in early morning…I used to buy everyday bt now I m gonna make myself …love ur recipes btw💖💖🥞🥞

  20. KosovoMapper says:

    Here in kosovo 🇽🇰 to make this it costs abt 2 euro

  21. Map 24 says:

    Du kannst auch mehrere backen und dann einfrieren. 2 Muffins den Ofen anstelle, lebe auch alleine aber auf so eine idee bin ich auch noch nicht gekommen

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