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A doctor's case for medical marijuana | David Casarett

Physician David Casarett was tired of hearing hype and half-truths around medical marijuana, so he put on his skeptic’s hat and …

22 thoughts on “A doctor's case for medical marijuana | David Casarett

  1. TEAMJESUS 70 says:

    What's so cool about Medical marijuana is that I get the
    same excellent results with it's homeboy Recreational Marijuana.

  2. Aria Zar says:

    With medicine having numerous restrictions and varying rules across and within state lines, I think Dr. Casarett introduced the ethical discussion surrounding medical marijuana through a humorous perspective really well. In an era of mainstream media and a multitude of media platforms, the contagious nature of how quickly true or false information can be spread is powerful depending on the influence that shared content can have. Dr. Casarett’s ability to recognize that patient satisfaction can ¬with personal patient experiences is a strong quality I think we can all possess. His ability to evoke laughter at his own attitude of medical practice in a previous patient encounter to me demonstrates growth that was actively achieved through understanding the flexibility in safe symptom management, patient control, and the overall process of obtaining services from dispensaries. Through his recollection of patient encounters, I do appreciate the understanding of weighing risks versus benefits, but also repetitively mentioning a resort to medical marijuana as patient control and autonomy of treatment to manage symptoms in different conditions. In the “billion dollar healthcare systems” that Dr. Casarett referred to, he pointed out a gap in patient care that wasn’t satisfactory, leading patients to clinics such as dispensaries. Although I do agree there is much research yet to be done in regards to how and if benefits may outweigh risks, this discussion surrounds the notion that “when, not IF” patients face chronic illnesses, the loss of intrinsic self-control can take a toll and alternative outlets to maintain a level of autonomy must be forged as a complete healthcare team, by inclusivity of patients’ wishes and comfort.

  3. Such a breath of fresh air……… Loved this Ted 💓

  4. I am on medical cannabis for a stroke I had as a side effect of an FDA approved drug I was prescribed for breast cancer … Best thing ever. It helps me with anxiety induced seizures, neuropathy, chronic pain, migraine, blood pressure and muscle spasms…….. nausea….. It's offensive to me that

  5. broashley o says:

    I’m going in tomorrow for an appointment to get a card. I’m worried they won’t take me seriously because I only have PTSD and I know that I’m not a veteran

  6. It is much more sedative and longer acting if it is ingested orally in the digestive tract…. smoking has a much faster onset but reading it is so much better for you in the long run…. cannabis is the greatest natural resource on this planet and honestly that was the only reason it ever became illegal….

  7. sandpiper says:

    Wait I thought drugs are bad?

  8. Our governor of Kentucky finally signed a bill for medical marijuana even tho we don’t have any dispensaries in the state but they are going to allow us to cross state lines and purchase at a legal dispensary we have to keep the receipt and have our medical card ready to prove that it’s medicinal I think it’s a step in the right direction although it would be nice to have some dispensaries in the state tho thank you Andy beshear for everything your doing for us people in extreme amounts of pain and don’t want to get hooked on opiates

  9. BMWOCanada says:

    Bravo! I'm grateful. So enlightening and motivating and restores a glimmer of optimism in our society, especially in our healthcare system; your tale and viewpoint could help many professionals and the entire medical system. The scariest situation is when you feel that your physical or mental well-being is in the hands of someone or people who don't care, know, or understand you and who have their agendas, preconceived notions, too many patients, and/or aren't informed about new treatments, which are frequently holistic, safer, have more benefits, and involve little to no risks. I truly hope that more medical practitioners, academic institutions, and other healthcare workers will learn from you. I commend you, sir.

  10. As a person who's given up with an autoimmune cluster that has no cures or treatments available at this stage, this talk made me cry. To hear a real professional care enough to just look into this is amazing. I use RSO and it really has changed my quality of life in these harder stages of my illness. I use canabis in other ways as well but rso is what really helps me the most and has become a huge part of my life with diet change and using my mind best I can. Anyway, it's nice to hear this talk. I hope others follow suit. It gives me hope. I believe if the medical industry could perfect combining cannabinoids with modern medication we may even find a cure but I have to think that because hope and faith are what I have left! Loved this talk anyway!

  11. I was wondering about getting a medical cannabis license and wondered if it would help curb my masturbation addiction. I also have add and many other disability's. Does it cure herpes?

  12. Enrique A c says:

    Is human case agains the canibal war on drugs

  13. luke lombard says:


  14. Cbn cbg and cbd literally saved me

  15. Pao_vlogg!! says:

    Where i can buy that medicine ,,i need it ,pls,help,,

  16. Thunder 245 says:

    My doctor signed my paperwork Thursday morning I have cancer PTSD

  17. Cazing Mein says:


  18. luke lombard says:

    Public Health Threat means a condition or behavior that can reasonably be expected to place others at significant risk of exposure to a toxic agent or environmental hazard or infection with a notifiable disease or condition,

  19. luke lombard says:

    But marijuana smell and smokers is children not concerned its a life threaten actions , people and children are taken meds for allergies thar stated life threaten if they are not concerned or no commonsense then actions will be harm back ti them some well say DOA Some allergies pills from marijuana cuase death ir wont make it to the hospital for the doa – dead on arrival from your marijuana smell or smoke lets put u in that spot we ack your a child instead.

  20. Yes it works in my mother bp problem.

  21. luke lombard says:

    Marijuana  is like a great deal of a symbolize has the same terms of a gas chamber !

  22. Got some homegrown here that will knock your socks off! My sister says that one of my four strains that I legally grew last year is good for menstrual cramps, I have another one that many claim is very good for sleep, I have one that is super sativa and makes everyone pretty jittery but the euphoric accounts are astronomical. I have another one that reminds you exactly what it's like to get high, they call it white widow. I know of two people that have tried a few things and react almost opposite of the stereotypical sativa versus indica strains. I tried and tried and tried to overdo it and I finally succeeded. Now I have a lot of weed to give away. Chew on that. LOL I have happily given away more than 3 pounds since last October, lots of happy healthy people in this neck of the woods. I highly recommend it. The growing process and building a relationship with the plant is extremely healthy and satisfying. Live long and tell Mom I Stay High!
    Edit: Robyn needs to look at food grade diatomaceous earth for that inflammation and arthritis. FDA amd doctors hate this stuff and they wont willingly tell you to save your lives with it!!. I have mine, others too! Education is in your hands anymore. Every doc is on the web with good and bad news. -this is where your brain must go to work and follow your gut, most literally, as we always have in nature. You tube may delete this soon, read it again. Youre welcome, thank you!

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