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5 Quick & EASY 3-Ingredient Recipes! | Deliciously Simple CHEAP Meals & Dinner Sides | Julia Pacheco


40 thoughts on “5 Quick & EASY 3-Ingredient Recipes! | Deliciously Simple CHEAP Meals & Dinner Sides | Julia Pacheco

  1. Alexis G says:

    I made your brown sugar Italian chicken breasts recipe. It was so easy and turned out amazing!

  2. JennieJohnss says:

    I tried the brown sugar chicken tonight. I was nervous that it would be under-seasoned for my fiancé and I, but it wasn’t! It was 10/10 and will be on our rotation! I can’t believe how minimal the ingredients were and how good it turned out! Thank you!!!

  3. I will try the orange chicken! I made your Asian chicken in the crockpot and my husband loved it! So do I. So it is now a regular go to! Once we had it with egg noodles! Delish

  4. Definitely wanting to make that chicken fir my husband soon… 😁❤️🍽️

  5. TriciaAnn says:

    I'm going to try these for my lunches this week 👍🔥❤️👏👏

  6. Nancy Pike says:

    Just Love Love Love your recipes…thanks so much for sharing 😊

  7. lpadilla10 says:

    Can’t wait to make these super easy meals!! Thank you!!!

  8. Gabby Jones says:

    So I didn't really get an answer from Google but I know you'll be honest Julia. Can I use Italian Meatballs for this recipe? It's all I have at the moment.

  9. Angie Davis says:

    I have made two recipes from this video. My son (who gives picky eaters a good name) loved the Swedish meatballs. Thank you

  10. I made that Swedish meatball recipe and let me tell you it was absolutely delicious!! I made mine in crock pot, ate it withh jasmine rice. Thanks again!! Best cook on YouTube!

  11. T W says:

    The rice looks overcooked.

  12. all of these recipes look great

  13. Can you substitute turkey meat for ground beef for meatloaf?

  14. Libby Hardel says:

    You can sub taco seasoning with Cumin and it tastes the same plus a LOT less sodium!

  15. These are great ideas!

  16. socalsal627 says:

    That meatloaf is the best I have ever tasted! Can't believe how easy it was to make too!

  17. Cc05 says:

    Hey Julia,long time how are you hope all is well with u and your family,just watched your recipes and can’t wait to try them. Enjoy your day and always thank you for sharing.❤️💛💙🧡💖💜💚💘👌👍✌️😉❣️❣️❣️❣️

  18. vegaslilqt says:

    Brown sugar chicken was amazing! My hubby loves Swedish meatballs, so I just substituted the water for a can of French Onion soup for a richer flavor. So so, good!

  19. Bren Estrada says:

    that's the most liquid I've seen for instant pot rice.

  20. Jo Bradshaw says:

    The brown sugar glazed chicken looks good. I can’t wait to try it. How you ever used another seasoning besides Italian?

  21. O says:

    I made this last night and im tellin ya it was delicious! I had 3 servings with mashed potatoes and a glass of wine. Ty so much for sharing!! 10!!🎉

  22. Julia, I just need to tell you I made the Italian chicken for dinner tonight. It was delicious! My husband even loved it and said I could “definitely make that chicken again!” Thank you for your time and videos!

  23. Island Vibes says:

    Hey beautiful🥰 wow baby growing well she so adorable🤩🙏love all your recipes❤have an amazing blessed day💞💃💫

  24. M K says:

    u r suppose to MIX the meat with the bread = meatloaf

  25. blessedchild says:

    Put some sweet baby rays on top of that meat loaf. It taste better than ketchup

  26. Everything looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing!❤️

  27. Nameless says:

    I watch your videos because I’m a mother and I can’t cook 🥲 it feels wrong to me to wait until my partner comes home so my child can eat something warm. Your recipes are always so easy and the fact that they can be done on a budget is an added bonus ❤

  28. The Swedish meatballs were so easy and delicious! I made it with broken up pappadelle noodles. So good!

  29. Going to try that meatloaf thank you 🥰

  30. Emy Zepeda says:

    Can’t wait to try these recipes, they look great! By the way, where did you get the baby carrier? I’ve been looking for one for my infant and that one looks comfy.

  31. These are great meals and come together quickly. Thankyou. You always look lovely however your hair is extra pretty today.

  32. Mer P says:

    I made the Swedish meatballs for lunch today. It was a crowd pleaser!

  33. A M says:

    Can you count to 3?

  34. Wonderful recipes Julia.easy, inexpensive,quick..I can't beleive your baby is in walker!! I remember you announcing your expecting! Time flies, Enjoy thise babies and beautiful family❤🙏👶🙎‍♀️

  35. Donna Watson says:

    I really like the 3 ingredient idea!! Gonna start with the meatloaf as it looks so easy and delicious. The potatoes too. Ty

  36. maxtraks says:

    Thanks so much for these ideas. I'm set for the week!

  37. Would love to see some recipes with chicken thighs and chicken legs. They are so much cheaper to buy and now a days it's what most people can afford.

  38. Maga Person says:

    Julia, I love your videos. You make cooking so much easier.

  39. Jim Elliott says:

    We add "Lingonberry sauce" as a side to the Swedish meatballs

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