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Hi I’m Katy 🙂 Where to get Hemp Oil: …


  1. Julia Bond says:

    Is this for people also??

  2. CC Alexander says:

    I’m debating to get this for my cat. Her check up has been good but she is so whiny . She is driving me nuts with her whining. I have 3 diffusers for anxirty plugged in and I give her calming treats every night. It doesn’t work every night. Do you also give your dog the treats ?

  3. Darci says:

    How long does it take to work? I can't even cut her nails. She is close to nipping me and uses all her might to yank her paw out of my hand. 45 to 50 pounds

  4. I swear this work so hear me out. My dog had terrible anxiety until my wife showed her boobs. On camera. To everyone. Seriously everyone try it. Disclaimer: born female only. Please 😁

  5. 👁️🪶👁️.. THUMBS UP

  6. You’re dog is high high! Lol

  7. Rio says:

    I have an 3yr old Cane Corso that has epilepsy any advice guy's?

  8. Yum Yum says:

    You just said hemp seed oil that don't do shit

  9. Yum Yum says:

    Selling shit again!!! Come on we need reviews not sells pitching

  10. My dog loves cbd oil.

  11. Lol you need something to hold your phone …

  12. CBD has helped our pets tremendously, we get both our CBD and our pets CBD from eden's herbals!

  13. Hi Katy, how did you handle your dog when she was attacking other dogs due to anxiety? My dog has a similar issue and I’m not sure how to help her and protect the dogs she comes around?

  14. Hi I liked your video, I have a 10 year old chug she’s 27 pounds and unfortunately she suffering with arthritis and I bought organic pure Hemp oil it says to use one dropper but I’m not sure if full dropper I was wondering if you could help me please thank you .

  15. nope nu says:

    What made you want to try hemp oil instead of cbd?

  16. Weedborn has very useful CBD products with all the supplements I need.

  17. Same oil that work on humans work on animals .

  18. Shanta Hsieh says:

    Hi. I think you need to take your time and take a quick trip around the Weedborn site.

  19. Julie Cox says:

    How much oil do you give them please my dog is the same size as a springer spaniel

  20. Do you need to use it everyday, lifetime?

  21. cannabis is the best for mankind and dogkind….

  22. Risk , you are talking about risk and are putting glas in the mouth of your dogs ??? Are you insane , what are you think is going to happent if the dogs bite it .. stupid cxx . Use a spoon , and you are a dog trainer and have cages to your dogs , how diqsting .Some think vith their axx .. poor dogs

  23. MrJrowinski says:

    I like to give a few drops to dog then a couple FULL droppers in my coffee. You can chill with her 🙂

  24. CLAY Thomas says:

    Talks too fast for my old ears, too muffled couldn't understand a lot.

  25. ann melendez says:

    is there a difference between hemp oil and cbd oil for a dog

  26. A Snyd says:

    Have you compared Hemp Oil to CBD oil? If so, what are the differences? My lab just turned 1yr old. She's extremely high energy, had formal training, and still continues to jump on myself and our toddler. She also occasionally limps on her back leg. She's had exams, xrays, etc; all normal. I think she gets sore joint from jumping so much. Also, the Hemp oil you recommended is out of stock on Amazon. About two months ago, she got her tail caught and required partial tail amputation. She constantly messed with that tail. The vet put her on anxiety meds to help. What a diff that made, for the pos. I don't want to keep her on that medication, but I do like her better, more chill. I look forward to any advise you have.

  27. tenchi boo says:

    My yorkie weighs 5 pounds…how much ho I give her?

  28. After many failed experiments with some other brands, I finally found this brand. Weedborn products are the best and I don't think I would ever need to look for another CBD supplier. I highly recommend for practically any health problem.

  29. Starr Stroh says:

    It's good to see Weedborn have new CBD products that will save me money and energy to heal myself.

  30. I needed this ❤️

  31. Dan Hunter says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing! I tried some CBD dog treats from Eden's Herbals for my dogs separation anxiety and so far they're definitely helping!

  32. Zato says:

    Jazzy chows down like she hasnt eaten in a week, lol. Thanks so much for this video!

  33. I just got my package from Hempful Farms today. Love it how they throw in extra goodies randomly.

  34. Autumn In says:

    LOVE me some Hempful Farms CBD! Have you watched their documentary on Amazon before?

  35. Sritama Pal says:

    I also get my CBD from Hempful Farms 🙂

  36. Duong Duong says:

    yeah, Hempful Farms is great. I use to use cbdmd a lot, but their products seem to lose quality over time. Not sure if they dilute their oils now or what, but Hempful Farms is rock solid one to get.

  37. R Deh says:

    Katy great vid I did have one concern with your Doberman eating the way she is as with this breed she could twist her stomach, also your dog is great on her leash but to set a example for other maybe consider a fitted harness to prevent trachea damage. Great work thou , you done a awesome job , I am part of a animal rescue Heart and Soul cat and dog rescue , my specialty is working with the extreme cases such as a wild dogs that have never been around humans or severely abused dogs. Plus fostering dogs all of your pets are doing great , for the dog with the limp you can also try using red light therapy , now hemp oil is great for severe pain I recommend cbd that is natural and has a higher count , sometime your local pot shops have great products for your dogs keep up the great work .

  38. Would definitely recommend trying CBD oil!!!!!! I started giving my dog CBD treats from this amazing company Eden's Herbals. I've seen such a difference since trying these!

  39. svkaka7 says:

    Beautiful do. Wonder what happens when we stop giving the dogs the hemp seed oil. Will there be any sort of withdrawal symptoms? TIA 🙂

  40. Barry Marks says:

    I have noticed several CBD oils on websites like Petco or Petcarerx for dogs, and I was wondering if they are useful. Thank you for making this amazing video which gave me all the answers I needed.

  41. Does it help them sleep at night

  42. Matt Kosovo says:

    Hemp oil doesn’t have cbd so what are you expecting to see
    Happen? It does have good fatty acids but it has no cbd or thc. Wake up people hemp oil is not CBD!

  43. stefi Looks says:

    Definitely good stuff and works for my mini Dachshunds which have lots of separation anxiety and my Siamese cat who has allergies from vaccines.

  44. Still using? Works still? Thanks

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