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HEALTHY BREAKFASTS UNDER 10 MIN | 7 hormone balancing + easy recipes!

I’m a meal prep girlie through and through… so here are 7 of my all time favorite easy & healthy recipes — all of them take under 10 …

33 thoughts on “HEALTHY BREAKFASTS UNDER 10 MIN | 7 hormone balancing + easy recipes!

  1. Omg this is so good ! I loved ur video 🫶🌷

  2. First video of yours and I subscribed!!! You are awesome! 😁💜

  3. Faith says:

    The cottage cheese war is real. I LOVE cottage cheese while my boyfriend literally gags when I even mention it 😂

  4. ruth says:

    There's a lot of sugar, it's not healthy :/

  5. Sarah Bates says:

    Hey I was wondering where your white sports bra is from??

  6. Tips for replacing the proteinpowder?

  7. Li Muffin says:

    Could you please share the chocolate protein brand ? I would love to have that. Thank you

  8. I love bagel seasoning and tomatoes with my cottage cheese

  9. V T says:

    Я ненавижу говорить утром, такие завтраки очень хороши для меня!

  10. A J Somebody says:

    Great video! loved the editing, the inspiration, the vibe, your personality and smile made me smile today thank you ! 🙂
    That quote at 4:40 is gold!
    Love that chia parfet bowl that is such a good idea/way to use chia pudding!

  11. What protein do you use? How to figure which should I use

  12. Fahima Akter says:

    I'm watching your video for the first time and all are good idea for breakfast protein.

  13. Mvwkout says:

    These are awesome ideas. Please do a lunch , dinner and snacks version if this please.

  14. Mon says:

    Girlll WHERE did you get your little blender from?? It seems like it did a good job even thiugh it's cute and small. I need one just like it!

  15. Literally first time watching you and I fell in LOVE with your energy! I will become a regular from now on🌞🌛💗

  16. Great breakfast ideas that are full of protein!!

  17. Cherie Smith says:

    I happened upon your video and it is perfect timing that I am starting heathy eating journey. I can’t wait to watch your videos

  18. hii!! do you have a pdf for the recipes you did?

  19. Alana Mc says:

    Hey ! I love these recipes and been looking for interesting stuff for breakfast. Can you make this into a cute pdf like your meal prep one ?

  20. What protein powder is that? And what kind of peanut butter, omg it looks good!

  21. Do you have a go to bread?

  22. Alee says:

    Please do more of these! Fabulous!

  23. eakysneaky says:

    Beautiful breakfasts!!! Thank you for sharing these great quick recipes with us!!

  24. Lea Schulz says:

    Your necklace is gorgeous! May I ask where you got it?

  25. Omg God is so good. I've been saying I wanted a grocery list meal prep PDF and boom I find it on your channel. Thank you so so much girl!! Hope you have a great day today!

  26. Cristina says:

    Love your video! I’m a New subscriber here where do you sell your journal?

  27. Hi new subscribers here

  28. Taly Haye says:

    Love your channel and meal preps. Can you share the ingredients and directions in your description bar?

  29. Your energy!! This is so goood

  30. Good breakfasts. Do you grind your chia seeds?????God bless you from grandma Katie in Oregon

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