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Exercise vs Diet

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38 thoughts on “Exercise vs Diet

  1. I workout and then am ravenous so it blows up in my face! If I don’t exercise at all and maybe just walk…I can control my calorie intake…but I know I need to excercise to be healthy. It’s a vicious cycle. I think maybe I should lose some weight first then begin working out ..anyone else have any advice on my issue or have the same issue?

  2. Weight is not health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. There is too much emphasis on weight. Weight loss does not necessarily equate to health. You can eat a high fat diet and lose weight and have a heart attack due to atherosclerosis and inflammation not to mention blindness, impotence and neurological damage. The best diet isn’t one! A healthy lifestyle is! A whole food plant based vegan diet without oil and with intermittent fasting along with daily exercise, hydration (water) and at least 6 hours of sleep daily along with supplements such as B12, D, C, and a multivitamin, combined is the best way to lose weight and to maintain it for life. It works. A healthy weight along with a healthy body are a consequence of your lifestyle. Fad diets are hacks that just enrich people who write books. Keep it simple. Live clean. Partner with someone who shares your journey. Also look at populations that have the least illness and longest lifespans and take the best of what they do. I recommend the BlueZone book as a good starting place as well as Dr, Greger’s books “How Not to Die” and “Hot Not to Diet”. The choice is yours.

  4. Covering a subsection of my blog post about this topic. Just curious: where did you find these studies?

  5. Gamble says:

    For weight loss you eat less- for health you get active- although there are activities that I would happily choose to do after consuming 200 calories over just not eating- eg if my partner suggests we eat a bar of chocolate each then spend 20 minutes being active together, I consider that win/win as I will enjoy both the food and the activity more than the alternative of no food, no activity. Also, if the activity is useful- Why drive to the gym to burn off the calories in a chocolate bar at a boring, expensive gym when I can ride my bike to the store and enjoy the journey to get the chocolate? But this requires not building your infrastructure in a way that makes being active in your day to day life dangerous, eg car dependency sucks! I haven't lost a whole lot of weight since I started cycling everywhere, but I DO feel much better. I still eat poorly, but now my resting heart rate is down to just over 50, my energy has risen, I have stopped taking omeprazole as my reflux is 100% gone, my legs are becoming more muscular (arms and core are too since I am now adding in some strength training to focus on them). Also keep in mind that all the extra muscle tissue and mitochondria need more energy- even at rest- so the amount of calories I use on anything I do (or don't) is increasing too and add to it that I am starting to crave activity as it feels good and I may just start losing weight after all. But there's more- muscle ways more than fat, so I will have lost body fat, it is just being replaced with healthier muscle. I would easily choose enjoying activity over restricting the other pleasure- eating. Once activity is a pleasure it just makes sense to enjoy an hour on my bike and then eat a nice slap up! So satisfying compared to just not eating!

  6. Truth Seeker says:

    Diet is key to health and wellness!

  7. Dont stress and eat and drink water

  8. Im 37 best shape of my life guys my age are breaking around me my habbits get better theres get worse while my brother runs 12 hour days eating McDonalds and smoking doing man work lol l was in prison eating real foods and water lifting smart its how you live fools

  9. Diets is 85 percent don't workout on crap food youll get skinny fat and hurt

  10. Sam says:

    I recommend a balance of both. Either way something has to change. A lot of people want the results but don't want to change much.

  11. Kwame Paul 9 says:

    Diet first then making sure u getting enough sleep THEN comes gym or running which ever activity u choose

  12. KS..🧋💜 says:

    Dieting also costs you, it's time consuming to prepare new recipes & lots of planning for healthy ingredients to have less calories & to meet all required Nutritional needs for our body 🦾💯 & for exercises there are many different types on the internet but some stick to the basics like jogging, walking, cycling ✔️👟

  13. Nathan says:

    I’ve been losing weight like crazy lately and building muscle really fast aswell, I’m only 21 so I’m kinda in my prime to be able to put on muscle and lose weight but like this video, my change in diet and portions has been the biggest factor in the weight loss. I tried it before and it worked but this is the first time I’ve been really sticking to it and it feels amazing, I’m slowly starting to look like myself when I was in really good shape in high school cause of sports. I’m definitely noticing my progress and it feels awesome. I really did miss the gym, idk why tf I quit 😂

  14. Aaron Bailey says:

    Exercise wins as if you lose weight with just eating less and more healthy , you will fee restricted and possible miserable plus you’re not fit …. Doesn’t matter if your stick thin , if you don’t exercise even if you have lost all your weight , your not fit … exercise is the pinnacle of being healthy and living a longer life ….. exercise along with being vigilante on what your eating can lead to a prolonged healthy life .

  15. The Gent says:

    I like Snickers.

  16. I know this is an older video with tons of viewpoints but I just HAVE to add this note: NEVER allow your dietary decisions to DISSUADE you from exercising. food does NOT undo the exercise one has done and to juxtapose them like that is not only unfair but it DISCOURAGES the unhealthy from exercising…

  17. yeah it's def diet. exercise just builds muscle bc after you lose weight, the 1st to go are the muscles.

  18. Brian Wilson says:

    It's not about losing weight it's about what you gain or lose I gained weight from extreme exercise felt better then ever super strong but got up to 250 pounds running 6 minute miles got down to 200 pounds running 15 minute miles it's not a weight issue it's a health issue

  19. Hope says:

    I did think he stated obvious facts. I just watched another vid. Just a beginner may be but the way he explained is awesome.

  20. Juan Preston says:

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  21. Yes, I too am guilty of jumping through diet plan to others as well, I think that I must have tried every fat reduction method that was available, however in the end not one of them made it easier for me to lose and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Okibetonic Secrets because my friend who told me great things about it and so far to date I've successfully dropped 17 pounds within 3 weeks!

  22. Eliza Hansen says:

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  23. I love healthy foods and also I LOVE working out or DANCING! I hardly eat junk food, but when I eat, I eat like a cow😂

  24. Xavier Blitz says:

    Was hoping for a vid to help me gain

  25. Even without exercize, your body burns well over 2000 calories per day

  26. kularek93 says:

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  28. MsWolfie says:

    We can eat everything we want just in moderation. I eat junk food once in a while.

  29. Noel Hudson says:

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  32. I did both. In my 40's, I rode my bicycle 1,500, 2,000 and 2,000 miles over a three summer period. I went from 232 pounds at 43 years old to 204 pounds at 45 years old. That was a hell of a lot of exercise, and it took me three years to lose 28 pounds.
    At 55 years old, I started eating a carnivore diet most of the time. I went from 232 pounds in the summer of 2019 to 209 pounds today. I lost 23 pounds in a year and a half by diet with very little exercise, and I am ten years older. It took me just over a year to lose that weight, and I didn't always stick to the diet.
    I used to think exercise was more important, but through trial and error I realize that a good ketogenic diet took off the weight with a lot less effort.
    Diet is better for weight loss than exercise because you have to exercise a hell of a lot like I did to lose any real weight.
    For those three summers, I rode my bike 20-25 miles a day from June until November 4-5 days a week and only lost about 12 pounds a year, while gaining a little bit of weight back in the winter.
    Just eating carnivore, I lost almost as much weight in a shorter period of time, with no exercise and I am ten years older…

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  34. Bini Kinfe says:

    Please talk about protein shakes

  35. Anchna says:

    Wow now I feel like I eat less junk food

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