Chair Cardio for Fat Loss: Seated No Impact Fitness Class

Burn calories and boost your metabolism with this Chair Cardio for Fat Loss: Seated No Impact Fitness Class! // Caroline Jordan …

24 thoughts on “Chair Cardio for Fat Loss: Seated No Impact Fitness Class

  1. I'm 36 how can I tone up my stomach at this age

  2. Musbnyce2 says:

    Hello first time watching your workout. Im 50 diagnosed with MS 18 years ago. I weigh 381 and In need to lose weight. I felt good afterwards.

  3. Steve Hart says:

    8 days! Feeling great, sore but great!

  4. Steve Hart says:

    I am nearing 68 and this appears to be exactly what I needed. 3 days in a row so far!

  5. Bre Wilson says:

    I’m 22 and have had a hard time working out especially since I work a lot but now I am doing these through my break and I love it

  6. Najera Brown says:

    I never sweat so hard. I'm 53 and in need of weight loss. I changed my diet, I just need to incorporate a workout. Thank you for all you do. This is my first day, and it is perfect because i dont have to leave the house, nor do i have to buy special equipment, see you tomorrow.

  7. Aziz Rakla says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video i am senior and it is helping me and working out with it almost daily. God bless you.

  8. I'm 85years old and just stopped going to the Gym to exercise at home. I love you enthusiasm and energy. I do not to loose weight, I just want to be feat and stay healthy.

  9. TJ Tampa says:

    I have done a lot of those things since the 90s so that makes me feel good that I was doing a lot of the right things. However I don't have the same intensity and I have a much lower resting heart beat. Yours was 82 just getting started. For sure I would not be able to get my arms and legs up in the air and rest all of my way to my lower spine but that was kind of funny. But as you said make the adjustments as we need. But I do see how the intensity that you put into your talking in your breathing and wiggling and using your arms even just at the beginning already got your heartbeat going. And then of course the rest of the workout was pretty intense. Thanks.

  10. This video really helped me today. I have to do low impact workouts but, I also need some cardio. Thanks for your positive attitude and just giving us permission to go at our own pace really helps us mentally. We don't feel judged!

  11. Simply exellent way to burn colories

  12. You are such a gem!! Contagious good vibes!

    I’ve been sedentary for a few years due to injuries and I workout more if I can start seated.

  13. This video is amazing

  14. Toni Flaten says:

    Caroline .looking for a coach. What Do you help us with on the 29.99 level?

  15. WOW , this was awesome. I never knew you could break sweat with chair exercises. I’ve got a bad knee so this is just what I need.

  16. Helen Joanna says:

    Thank you so much. I just discovered you today! So pleased I did. I've injured the cartilage in my knee and I'm desperate to lose the weight I've put on from not being active and pre0aring for my knee operation. I didn't think there was any cardio I could do! 20 minutes and I struggled. Will try to do everyday to get better at it! Plus I'll check out your other videos for my bad posture. Your attitude is fabulous!…..from the UK 🇬🇧 X

  17. I’m 56, with a history riddled with trauma & depression…years of weight gain (up and down, mostly up sadly (trauma was huge and weight was how I kept people at bay).

    I’ve always loved and enjoyed how my body felt after a yoga session, and the feel of getting stronger and stronger (core strength) was so addicting…sadly I was sidelined with an injury 10 years ago, and well, my own personal health took to the back burner cause life and it’s craziness took all my head space and time…I’m done with the trauma, done with the pain and injuries I’ve had to endure because of all my trauma….I’m so glad I found u on YouTube!
    U bring me HOPE!!
    Love ur energy and positive outlook!
    Very contagious, the kinda energy I need to get back to my health.
    I’m cognizant of the fact it’s been years since I’ve exercised with this kind of commitment but I’m determined to over come all my trauma and all the self abuse habits tht followed because of the trauma done to me!

    And oh, just heard u mention in ur video tht ur from San Diego, I live north of u (north county), small world!

    Thanx for vibe & energy!!
    We need more happy encouraging positive people in this world!!

  18. Amy Floren says:

    New subscriber here. I just turned sixty years old and have worked out all my adult life but two weeks ago I slipped on icy steps and dislocated and fractured my ankle. Now that I am casted and on crutches, workouts like this are lifesavers, thank you! (Obviously I have to modify the lower body moves!)

  19. G U says:

    Just finished my first session and the 20 minutes flew by!❤

  20. Sojourner says:

    No words. Thank you so much.

  21. Kimmieskatt says:

    I’m a newbie here and this was a workout 🎉

  22. Dr. Carrie says:

    Keep up the great work!

  23. I thought this would be easy-going but it was not 🤣😄 feel same muscles pain 🤣

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