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1 Minute, 2 Ingredient INSTANT DONUTS ! Easy Donuts Recipe !

1 minute , 2 ingredient No Yeast DONUTS recipe ! Learn how to make these EASY DONUTS ! SUBSCRIBE to my channel here: …

50 thoughts on “1 Minute, 2 Ingredient INSTANT DONUTS ! Easy Donuts Recipe !

  1. sahar khan says:

    My go to recipe for donut balls
    Super easy and quick and absolutely delicious

  2. No one says:

    Can I use honey to sprinkle it on top?

  3. Wow! This recipe actually works!!

  4. Natalie says:

    How much oil and what type?

  5. Waynoux 2006 says:

    Please we can cook it and put in the fridge???it will still be same

  6. Good idea will make them for Easter.

  7. Is it ok if i use all purpose flour instead of self rising flour?

  8. Lola1998 says:

    Can I make them in a bigger version?

  9. Joy Noel says:

    What type of oil did you use?

  10. Vi Ma says:

    Hi 😊!Try these with honey and cinnamon also!Is a delicacy in my country!

  11. Can these be air fried?

  12. She makes such easy and good recipes, subscribed!

  13. Ko Ko says:

    How long can I store the mixture for?

  14. PawPrint05 says:

    How many donuts does this make?

  15. shinkikomori says:

    am i about to try these while procrastinating on some DEADLY important deadlines? yes.

  16. あき says:

    When I messed this simple recipe up, that's when I knew..

    That I wasn't made for the culinary arts.

  17. do you need self-raising flour because I don't have any and can't go shopping ???

  18. ni cs says:

    Thank you🤍 so informative and on to the point 🤍

  19. Matilda says:

    What’s the measurement

  20. p s says:

    Wait doesn't a donut require a hole in the middle to be called one though? Like, I have to ask sorry 😅

  21. kikilalroue says:

    Can we use all purpose flour instead of self rising flour?

  22. Berry 🌊 says:

    What if we are lactose intolerant?or a
    Are vegan?

  23. Fiona Wood says:

    Can you make them with wheat free flour and cook in oven?

  24. •Lady• says:

    What can I substitute for oil?

  25. ItsmeBecca says:

    Can I use baking soda instead of baking powder??

  26. _ UwU _ says:

    I really wanna try this but I only have pancake mix instead of self rising flour, hope it'll still turn it good

  27. ItsmeBecca says:

    What kind of oil is it?

  28. •Rxsiee• says:

    As a Indian when I saw this, I immediately thought of gulab juman

  29. Evelyn Falk says:

    These Are Amazing!!!! I made them with my family and they love them!

  30. Peepers Trem says:

    These look great! But if anybody wants some very very simple like 2 step donuts, plus donut holes?
    Get a can of biscuits, use something circular smaller than the biscuit your using and cut out the center, turn on ur oil fryer or whatever you use for it and toss in both donuts and the parts u cut out and have a bowl of whatever your coatin em in ready to toss em in 😀 they’re always good, especially if u use the pillsbury biscuit cans!

  31. New subscriber here! 🥰 Awesome video 🥇🏆🎖️

  32. man.444 says:

    Too fluffy I died

  33. Doja says:

    اكتشفوا اللقيمات 😂😭😭

  34. Have someone done this ? bc i wanna know if it was really good

  35. Food Inbox says:

    It’s so easy 👍

  36. S1lkM0th says:

    Hi! Can I make these in an air fryer?

  37. Mr. Latrei says:

    How can you make something so simple so delishous? This would have been witchcraft 500 years ago 😆

  38. What do you do with all that excess oil when you're done frying??

  39. mix all says:

    Just followed your recipe exactly and they came out perfectly!!!! THANK YOU ❤❤ idealne na tłusty czwartek!!🇵🇱❤

  40. A D says:

    Can’t wait to try THIS!!!

  41. No says:

    Lifesaver! I've been craving some doughnuts but everything's so expensive recently, so I looked up doughnut recipes and I have the ingredients. Can't wait to make them!!

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