THC vs CBD: What's In Your Weed?

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42 thoughts on “THC vs CBD: What's In Your Weed?

  1. Cbd goodrays cbd drinks are good to stop anxiety

  2. Owen Mew says:

    Is it bad I ate 50mg of 85% thc dab

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  4. Find yourself Pure Hashish way better then weed

  5. pyro parrish says:

    I smoked the CBD it also has THC in it I get super stoned is 0.3%thc but it has a big effect on me I use it for everything just like weed I can't tell the difference between them so it has the same elements +makes some damn good butter

  6. ☆ Rei ☆ says:

    yes but im still confused the first the i got high i was with a friend and i didnt know the strain or anything and i know it effects ppl differently but she was super calm and tired but i was super energetic wouldn’t stop talking i couldn’t even finish my sentences and i was just up but ever since then anything i get makes me tired and calm and me and her arent in contact anymore but i wanna feel how i did then

  7. African Ricc says:

    I graduated from high school in 2005. The weed back then was natural….not as strong….and it was enjoyable. The weed these days is super strong and contains sooo many chemicals….I eventually just stopped smoking it…..hate the feeling

  8. Micael Bock says:

    I don’t really like cbd, I’d rather forget where I am every five seconds

  9. After watching all these videos on drugs it makes me more wiser to not to do any other drugs except Marijuana.

  10. If this is true, then how come pure CBD makes me high? Both THC and CBD make me high equally well, only the quality of the high is significantly different. I know this because I have pure THC and pure CBD versions of RSO as well as several other ratios. They all get me high. Your chemical explanation makes it sound like it is known to science that CBD doesn't make us high, yet in my own personal experience, CBD does in fact make me high.

  11. THC and CBD aren't that drastically different. The eyes on the left and the mouth on the right is pretty much accurate for both.

  12. Doom Slayer says:

    I’ve only greened out once, and I threw up and my head hurt, but other than that I’ve had a good experience with THC

  13. Thc raw inside a vape is just perfect

  14. Cole_Liefso says:

    Basically cbd doesn't get u high af but thc get u faded in a then a hoe

  15. jayden_tripp says:

    As I'm hitting a dab pen

  16. I wanna try CBD but um scared it we’ll make me trio like THC did :/

  17. VlogCentral says:

    i love how they perceive thc with that picture on the thumbnail like delta 9 users are zombies or something…

  18. lilnelli says:

    Im to high for this wtf

  19. Carter says:

    I took thc and went out to eat, worst idea ever dont ever ever do that. 😭🤚

  20. 2:15 yeah i ate a whole weed brownie wasn't
    wasnt fun

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  22. Skeleton says:

    This remind me when i was in coma for 3days after smoking weed

  23. So cdb to get more benefits and i don't get as high while thc blocks benefits??? I'm gonna smoke another one and think about it (THC)

  24. belenkas says:

    Old landrace cannabis strains had balanced THC/CBD levels as God intended. Also many important terpenes! Only recently man has hybridised cannabis to have 20-30% THC and almost no CBD, hence all the side effects, that many people experience. This is why we must return to the original landrace strains.

  25. octobunch says:

    watching this after ive taken idk how many hits of a thc vape pen

  26. Learn to be sober and do good that's better than nothing

  27. Look up the prefix Oid it means synthetic when you're a face biting zombie 🧟‍♂️ don't be mad future zombies

  28. These companies just want your money homie… Just ask yourself do you want a product produced by God or a product that's made in the Laboratory ..

  29. Im wondering how people here had bad trips from THC? The most that happened to me its to fall asleep on the couch and eat the whole fridge.

  30. Cait M says:

    I actually learn so much from these videos I love them

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  32. Cbd is another F up like K2 just smoke weed not all weed is the same Stivia and Indica do different things don't do that cbd trash you'll be a zombie

  33. KB CHEF says:

    Call it by its real name… Cannabis. Not by the U.S. government made up name.

  34. Tim Hyrzan says:

    cbd and thc need to be together for a real body high .

  35. one time i smoked a zoot before playing guitar to people, and i didnt realise the difference between cbd and thc

    I smoked thc, it made me nervou to go into school and get caught but yet i was fine and performed well.
    had i known the difference i wouldve performed great

  36. Eaglesfan419 says:

    So basically what you're saying is THC is no better than alcohol…. and if you want to get high you're no better than an alcoholic. That's why people smoke the THC. For the high. That's a bad thing???

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