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HOW TO MAKE CHINESE MEAT SAUCE LIKE A PRO? #recipe #meat #sauce #cooking #chinesefood

23 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE CHINESE MEAT SAUCE LIKE A PRO? #recipe #meat #sauce #cooking #chinesefood

  1. EliteBum says:

    Edible oil or vegetable?

  2. Ginney Loya says:

    Pork has fat you don't need any extra oil

  3. Mike Bass says:

    light soya sauce, dark soya sauce, oyster sauce = chinese cuisine

  4. πŸ‘Ίedible oilπŸ‘Ί

  5. Bruh says:

    Is that LAO GAN MA

  6. a person says:

    I have inedible oil what do i do???

  7. Elsie Kang says:

    Don’t mind can I know where to buy the broad bean paste & what is the name of the brand pleasssse. Thank you so much!😊

  8. JOHAN GAUL says:


  9. There's something magical about your food. I appreciate your efforts; I was wondering if you could share a video of you cooking with KHAL viewers


  10. Stop the pronunciation

  11. Hi. I'm from the Philippines and I love Chinese foods. 😊

  12. Afroswedish says:

    Because he wont write down everything..just make a bolognese with some samlal olek lol

  13. What is broth bean paste ?

  14. SIlverFang says:

    When Italy and China meet in the middle

  15. Please add in the discrimination of the recipe

  16. manaman9625 says:

    The oil is for coating the noodles well and to extract all the flavor from all the ingredients

  17. no way says:

    Why the need to put so much oil? 😩

  18. tathir zahra says:

    Looking so scrumptious πŸ˜‹ imma try it now

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