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How I Built Muscle At Home (Without Weights)

In this video I break down how I designed my at home workouts to maintain and build muscle. I explain the exercises that I believe …

34 thoughts on “How I Built Muscle At Home (Without Weights)

  1. INTRO: 0:00

    LEGS: 0:55
    Bulgarian split squats: 1:11
    Pistol squat: 1:39
    Nordics: 2:17
    Glutes: 2:47
    Single leg calf rises: 3:08

    Explosive push-ups: 3:25
    Decline push-up: 3:31
    Archer push-ups: 3:44
    Pike push-ups: 3:55
    Arm raises and delta rows: 4:31
    Diamond push-ups: 4:51
    Tricep extensions: 5:04

    Pull-ups: 5:29
    Australian, jumping & negative pull-ups: 5:45
    Rows: 6:06
    Curl-up: 6:21
    Curls: 6:42

    CORE: 6:52
    Hanging leg raises: 6:56


  2. Thank you for doing this ❤

  3. Infinity Gym says:

    Additionally 15-20 Min Cardio x3 Days Per Week

  4. Infinity Gym says:

    Nordic is so hard exercise, i make me feel like i presed a huge truck

  5. Infinity Gym says:

    i wanna go to gym but my family 🤬
    so i decided to work at home , i have dumbelles but they become so light as my strength increased
    this was helpful

  6. So, please correct me if im wrong, but your week would look like this..(?)
    Monday: Upper body
    Tuesday: Rest
    Wednesday: Lower Body
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: Upper body
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Lower Body

  7. The number of reps for the leg exercises are for each leg or i must split the total of reps in half, for example: 6 reps of pistol squats for the right leg and 6 for the left leg?

  8. AI says:

    Good excercises

  9. So in the workout plan at the end, when do we train our biceps? Does any of those upper body exercises train the biceps?

  10. S0y_AAA says:

    mostt usefull video ever, you fuckin saved my life, i was losing hope from searching to much about what could i do without going to a gym and you fuckin nailed it, genius

  11. Rich Thomas says:

    This is what I've been looking for in a workout. Cheers bro. Could I do this alongside a 30 day challenge as well?

  12. Scholar says:

    Don't forget about stretching and warmups kings and queens! I almost damaged my knee pretty bad once, because never did warm ups

  13. You gave me much needed inspiration. Love this video. Thanks to you, I started doing something with myself.

  14. matheus_cg says:

    Bro is historically accurate

  15. Well it was a random YouTube recommendation, but inspiring stuff! (And so is your chest). I'm already copying your plan, but can I just ask if you do/did a lot more on top of that? Or is that enough to build muscle/keep toned? Thaaaaaaaaaanks.

  16. Wizzard says:

    Thank you seriously. Very straightforward.

  17. you look like the cooler ed sheeran

  18. My Name says:

    should i follow your plan as a loop (do 1 set of everything and repeat it) or as a algorythm and do all sets of first ex and then do second one?

  19. coasterpath says:

    Gallon milk jugs are good to put water in the jugs for shoulders

  20. Roshan D.C says:

    how long have you been doing this for?
    also i can work with dips right?

  21. Anime Akaî says:

    He sounds like he is asking a question

  22. Can a young girl (below 17) do these exercises? I mean, is it safe?

  23. I cant even keep up with the suggested workout guide… if i need to do less than what is recommended will i still be improving or should i just take super long rests between sets? (i have no clue what im doing help would be appreciated)

  24. Yo, what should be the rest periods between sets and reps?

  25. Bojake says:

    I just got my “Just Keep Moving” t-shirt and it’s the bomb! You gotta advertise that stuff more man!

  26. The Hunter says:

    This is great. Gyms are so expensive currently for me at least lol been doing some Calisthenics lately and been wanting to do some workouts for my arms since I ain't got a dumbbell setup for where I'm at at home, gonna definitely try that backpack trick. Been wanting to gain muscle for a while lately lol hoping for some good progress in the next couple months

  27. Kya Yiwi says:

    tips anyone? im 17, 172cm, severely underweight and im planning to start and commit real hard but i dont know how to start

  28. This is how old bronze era body builders built their bodies

  29. Denial says:

    Is this good for skinny guy?

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