30-Minute Standing Cardio Workout

Get your heart rate up without taking it to the mat with this standing cardio workout that you can do anywhere! These cardio …

27 thoughts on “30-Minute Standing Cardio Workout

  1. Anna Fusco says:

    Thank you SO much for this Anna. Over the last few years the Popsugar videos really changed my life and I have been keeping my fingers crossed for you guys to release a new solid cardio burnout. This was just what I needed. I'm starting a new job and about to move cross country: surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap and chaos, but I pushed the mess to the side, rolled out my mat, and voila! I am sweating and beaming and paused the video before cool down even started just to express my gratitude. When you were saying "the tired is just you getting stronger!" it hit me that my body is in such a good place because of what Popsugar has given me. Thank you.

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  3. Love this workout! Low impact and challenging and ended with a centering cool down! Cant ask for much more than that. Thank you!❤

  4. Saadia Umer says:

    Enjoyed to do it with you!

  5. Thank you for this great workout .

  6. This. Was. Awesome!

  7. Crystal Dew says:

    I've just burned 200 calories doing this workout, alternating between the easier and the main version, thank you for the motivation~~ 💪🏻💪🏻

  8. Thank you excellent workout

  9. You're amazing Anna! I loved this workout! You're an incredibly good coach! Thank you soooo much ❤

  10. Excellent workout! Loved it!

  11. This workout murders me everytime…I love it!!! Good sign though I need to do it more 😅

  12. Rosanne G. says:

    Wow thank you for the amazing video. Your energy, your smile and your commentaries were helping pushing me through the workout.

  13. Medcursor says:

    Being healthy in a fun way! 🔥💯💪

  14. exercise 😍🥰🤗💪🙏🔥

  15. June Feng says:

    So very thankful for you ladies. This is a fantastic workout for the whole body. I do this a few times a week and feel I am getting stronger and stronger. You are such a blessing! 😍

  16. Loved this workout, thank you!

  17. you are the best anna…not much talking…action…straight to the point…cool guests…never boring…you get the oscar 🙂

  18. I could only do 15 mins first try!

  19. Ali Veroba says:

    Took me all morning to find a decent workout. Worth it! Saving.

  20. Thank you for this wonderful workout! Anna, you are a perfect example of a fitness trainer: the modifications, the tips on technique, the motivation and emotions, and also you spoke about water, nutrition and even the things to do the next day – it is so caring! And the way that you mentioned your little one was so nice – because mine was sitting right next to me, and I went like awwwwww 😍😍😍 Cheers from Crimea!

  21. Louise says:

    Hi, I have rheumatism and this workout has helped me tremendously. I love it and the modifications work better for me and they are so good!! Thank you so much

  22. Gina Brown says:

    Great workout. The 30 minutes flew 👋

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