A Shelter In Place Guide to Growing Medicinal Hemp to Make CBD

A guide for what you need to do to quickly start an indoor hemp grow from scratch. Tools Needed for a 1 Plant Grow Setup: …

17 thoughts on “A Shelter In Place Guide to Growing Medicinal Hemp to Make CBD

  1. Dato Asdwqwe says:

    how to know CBD hemp (with <1% THC) is at peak potency? Does the crystals have same color?

  2. do i not need to use macro fertilizer i have the 3 set general hydroponics liquid fertilizer so should i mix them the way the back says to with grow, macro and bloom all at once or just use the grow and then in bloom stage just bloom?

  3. Wayne_Twitch says:

    Is it legal to grow cbd ?

  4. James Thomas says:

    What a great video really explained everything. Just subscribed would like to grow my own Hemp plants for my mental illnesses, anxiety etc. As itโ€™s much cheaper than buying in store. Thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  5. I'm growing a few plants outside. Its pretty easy.

  6. Thanks for sharing this information!

  7. Rob says:

    What size fabric pot ?

  8. You posted this video on 4-4-2020

  9. How do you filter the air coming into the tent so you don't get unwanted pests like spider mites?

  10. John Corona says:

    My problem is temperature. ๐Ÿ˜ช get to hot in my tent

  11. Blake says:

    Very useful!! Quick question. I ripped out a male plant out of my 10 gallon pot that I might've let grow a bit too long because the pollen sacks were starting to be very visible to the eye. Do you think it's fine to grow a feminized seed in it with some roots left over? (I picked out the smaller larger roots and the large roots came up with the plant)

  12. adolf putin says:

    Fan rig is so loud. Neighbors are sketched out. It has a speed controller but it's still whines no matter what

  13. Growing you should all know marijuana has a hallow stalk and hemp does not so make sure it's got a solid stalk at harvest. lol Endless you want to get high with a thc strain you didn't know it was a halariesus prank from a friend.

  14. Y'all try or Hempdirects fem seeds if looking for hemp regulars also cheap!! Big seeds compared to Marijuana Seeds. All seeds look dif genetics yull see trust me or thank me later

  15. Does anyone know a good online shop/seedbank to buy medical hemp seeds

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