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5 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid!

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49 thoughts on “5 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid!

  1. PictureFit says:

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  2. Isaac9Inches says:

    I like this video but when you where talking about isolation exercises. The tricep dip actually works your core aswell as your triceps.

  3. ozeal D. says:

    tell me im not the only one that paused at 0:28 to find the robot that was flashed…

  4. PaulJ says:

    I actually need to use mashines. From free weight exercises, all I can do are sitting and laying down ones, as I have disability, involving feet, so I can't overweight or generally use too much of them.

  5. the robot scared me when it flashed'

  6. EUSSR says:

    Not going anywhere I have my gym at home

  7. Jelos says:

    Mmm heavy weight yes but, I think, as long as you can do the movement cleanly with full range of motion. I think it's important to start with a good foundation which is doing the movements correctly while focusing on the good muscle that a particular exercise is supose to focus on and not simply lifting the weight for lifting the weight.

  8. Mimi says:

    1:36 i was so close to making that mistake but then I remembered I had other body parts as well lol

  9. Mr musketier says:

    Lol this video was classic, I use 15kilo dumbbells all the time. I can easily out lift those idiots who use 25-60 kilo weights but I’d rather use a lighter weight and do more reps. A higher weight will give you size and strength but a lighter green right has been proven time and time again. To increase endurance yes but also strength without the size. Don’t take it from me though I’m just some silly guy that’s won 9 gold medals in a row for weight lifting and yes I also have a PhD at standford school of medicine. And no I’m not beastly I’m clearly stating that people who want size and not strength will continue to lift the heaviest weight and build less strength in a shorter amount of time. If my max is 60kilo dumbbells I will only use 15 and do four times the amount of rep.

  10. Number 3 is basically bs, yes it’s good to lift heavier but never ego lift, that’ll result in longer breaks and high injury. If you can do it perfectly on the first rep then you know that you’re able to perform the exercises correctly, train to failure but don’t be an idiot like most ego lifters

  11. BinZc says:

    I see all the extra mistakes in the comments but mistake number ♾️: not starting the gym

  12. The Idiocracy reference, lol

  13. Thine says:

    yea but personal trainers are SUPER expensive soo.. yk, i can barely go to the gym, let alone pay someone that much

  14. Gloubermann says:

    1. Dont choose into planet fitness, choose a better and local gym that doesn't want you to be fat

  15. ZeroFouR says:

    Hahaha that where's the pizza. Pull me to click the subscribe button 🤣🥰😇

  16. Punished says:

    3:08 New studies show that it doesn't really matter how many reps you are doing, as long as it is untill muscle failure, you'll still achieve the same thing.

  17. Don’t recommend free weight to be gunner please

  18. Seeing tank top shirts feels like they look like gay as hell

  19. This is so helpful! THANK YOU 🥰 specially tip 3 and 5

  20. God bless everyone, dont be afraid or ever unmotivated, your always loved🙏❤️👍🏻😁

  21. WarriorKing says:

    I have subbed and joined the discord!

  22. Snout Hlly says:

    This really helped me a ton! I went to the gym for the first time a week ago and lost all confidence when I didn’t know what I was doing. I was really not looking forward to going again but this video really helped me get my confidence back. Thanks!

  23. sirderpalot says:

    Excellent beginner tips, this can definitely steer someone in the right direction while being on the simple side.

  24. Point 2 made me sweat for a second. I thought you were going to say to be more social and do group training with others. For an introvert like me, that's not an option.
    But point 5 is one I disagree with you about the part of asking others advices. "Bro science" is infamous for being not scientifically accurate and for being even counterproductive. If you don't have money for hiring a trainer, asking a bro for advice is like asking advices in youtube comments. There can be good advices, but there can also be not good advice, intentionally or not. And when you're a beginner, you're not the one who can tell apart the good ones from the bad ones.

  25. Hafsa H says:

    I started lifting lifting small weights, i am now comfortable lifting more weights. I am like it.. I am on my 4th day of 7 day trial, i will definitely go the subscription.

  26. gameteam sk says:

    as a beginner lifter/bodybuilder who knows some things here are some of my tips:
    1. dont egolift
    2. if you want to gain muscles you need to eat a lot, at the beggining dont worry about getting a little fat, just eat a lot of protein
    3. there are splits to manage your workouts through the week,some of the popular ones are ppl, arnold split or the bro split
    4. warm up before your work out and also warm up with lightweight before heavy compounds
    5. i recommend doing 1-2 exercises per small muscles, 2-3 per medium and 3-4 per large
    6. do first sets of isolated excercises close to failure, the last set go to failure
    7. to get the most out of it lift 4-6 times a week, rest days are as important as gym days!!
    8. dont be afraid of the weights, they may seem heavy at first but you will get used to it
    9. progresively overload
    10. dont skip leg day
    11. dont overtrain the muscles, this will actualy limit your growth (tip number 5)
    12. you dont nee to feel sore the next day for the muscles to grow
    13. ask strangers for help if you are not sure about something or need a spot
    14. stay consistent and dont expect results fast, be patient
    15. try to do the excercises with the right form, dont use momentum

    these are some of the things beginners tend to do wrong and i used to do wrong a lot of them too, also most of these only apply to bodybuilding, if you want to be a powerlifter or you want to excercise for overall fitness or something else, you probably shouldnt do most of these, also a lot of these are from personal experience with no scientifical evidence but it works for me

  27. just a observation: less than 7 reps is strenght, 10-15 reps is muscle

  28. pd3 yt says:

    But the real Question is where is the pizza at? 🤔

  29. RjM says:

    lol i used to bring the spray bottle with me, not just spray the tissue then bring it to the machine or whatever

  30. FIND says:

    rq about the weight dont do max weight idc what anyone says go for reps dont do like 10 pounds lol but do as close as you can to you middle of your max wait if your max is 100 pound do 50 when do 50 when doing reps if its 200 do 100 and so on not saying dont do max weight but if your going for reps do what i said

  31. Thank you so much about the bicep comment it seems that we do need only concentrates on their arms that's it

  32. Dont forget reverse bicep curl very good underated exercise 😁💪

  33. Tearfullarc says:

    I dont know much about working out, im very weak when it comes to lifting things and my stability is horrible. I can do 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps using 65lb. But my favorite is assisted pullups and dips, oh and the leg extention machine. Any and all tips would be lovely.


  35. lee jack says:

    if youre trying to bodybuild, its probably the best to focus on isolation exercises and by isolation exercises i mean exercises that isolates a different part of a bodypart like the short head and long head of the bicep

  36. 6…you do to many sets from day 1. The goal is 10 – 20 sets per week per muscle. You start doing 18 or more and get fatigue and destroy your muscles instead of building them…. START AT 10 TO 12 SETS WEEKLY

  37. x RaSoR says:

    yeah but what if i HATE squads and deadlifts????

    having to do squads and deadlifts made me quit the gym twice already and im not going to kill my motivation again with this shit.

  38. someone says:

    when i google those gym tips they go like u should work on the upper body in the first day of the week LIKE HOW EXPLAIN WDYM HOW DO I DO THAT

  39. Cian_thoYT says:

    but surely doing only one rep of a high weight , that wont do anything?

  40. I've found bringing headphones in to be one of the greatest bigger gym mistakes. They kill your focus, reduce your sense of presence, and shut you off from building connections and community. If you're looking for a great gym, look for one with the fewest amount of headphones being used.

  41. Isaiah D says:

    Imo 5 was bad advice because imo beginners should absolutely use mostly machines starting out as long as they aren't too tall or short for them. Starting out on free weights makes a beginner much more likely to have bad form. Plus with machines since you don't have to worry about stabilizing muscles it allows much better mind muscle connection which I believe is very important for you to learn early on especially in relation to form

  42. Mitschnel says:

    0:46 you should most defenetly not start with free weights to get the movement right and to do it cleaner

  43. Black Lyfe says:

    I never make these mistakes it only applies to some beginners not all

  44. Luda glista says:

    I would recommend not to go to gym and kill yourself there with workouts.. Work out for 2 hours at maxx and dont overdo it, rest between.. One day you will see the progress.. You wont see progres if you hit the gym too hard, always tired and youll lose interesst in working out this way very soon.. Do Gym at a "normal pace".

  45. I was really really sick a couple weeks ago, I feel very bad that i skipped gym that week ☹️

  46. Ewan tarraf says:

    6: Ask for help if you need it.
    7: Don’t ego lift because a guy just benched triple your body weight, believe it or not he was in your position once.

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