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Oklahoma votes against legalizing recreational marijuana

Voters in Oklahoma have decided not to legalize the possession and growth of recreational marijuana in the state.

29 thoughts on “Oklahoma votes against legalizing recreational marijuana

  1. HistoryBuff says:

    Keep doping them up on oipiods and Xanax, that's where the real money is $$$$$$$$

  2. legalizing cannabis will not create more crime, or mental illness…
    the fact is if its "legal" its not criminally profitable.
    this is the same old song and dance propaganda…
    the fact is christians like myself, have been using cannabis for over 3000 years worldwide, and cannabis is called a holy chief spice in the bible , and is named over 70 times in the real original hebrew text.
    Cbd and Thc saved my wifes life, stops seizures she has , that she got from big pharma drugging at a hospital…
    children CAN use CBD for epilepsy safely without getting "high" as well.
    THC orally can cure cancer, and has multiple hundreds of times….
    funny how these people are still pushing against Gods holy herb, while big pharma literally poisoned us all for the last 75 years , and yet they are not passing legislation to put big pharma in check.
    cannabis was demonized and criminalized by lobbyists from the richest most evil people in the world namely big pharma companies, and has only been "illegal" for less than 100 years…
    before that cannabis was widely used by all christian nations….
    i dont support the "drug culture" just the truth….
    cannabis is a miracle medicine…
    and to keep it illegal for "recreational use" is unconstitutional, just like banning alcohol is ….
    the fact is, according to the law of this country, cannabis is LAWFUL period, whether arbitrary codes are written and passed or not….
    its our right to use this PLANT….

  3. Deus Vult says:

    Good ! 👍🏼

  4. Can't wait for the State to need more tax revenue and try to vote in some kind of extra tax Dollars. Hell no Oklahoma. You had a goose that laid golden eggs and you killed it. I don't have a dog in the fight, but it appeared to be a no-brainer for bringing in tax money.
    "What about the children?" Everyone knows if you want good cannabis, go to a highschooler. That's where all the pot is, other than dispensaries. Think, people. Think.

  5. ApexSmokez96 says:

    These people are f*cking retarded and most o he ones who voted no are prolly old af this pisses me off

  6. Let California, Oregon and Washington find the acceptable THC level for driving. They don't even know what impaired is or isn't and a scaling table of body mass, gender, quantity consumed with an approximation of the effects. Los Angeles just approved for cannabis lounges to start offering small cafe style finger food. Oh, anyway, let the 3 states create laws and go to their respective Supreme Court's when they are deemed junk science or a 4th or 5th Amendment violation. Sit back and let the dust settle, count all the money you saved on litigation and then have a giant Oklahoma Smoke Out! WOOHOO

  7. Congratulations to Oklahoma for wanting to study the crime snd violence from Mexico to Canada on our West Coast of recreational marijuana. You too can be that stupid, should you choose to accept this assignment, keep voting no.

  8. 77 counties in Oklahoma..77 counties said hell no ..thank you Oklahoma

  9. They reminds me of Flanders wife " can somebody please think of the children! "

  10. Ron Wade says:

    Oklahoma has dispensaries every few blocks. OK is so full of ignorant, inbred conservatives they can't even think!

  11. Sithis Rants says:

    Clown state. Absolute morons, Oklahoma. Congrats.

  12. Fuck those dumb cunts

  13. robinsss says:

    how would legalization create more crime?

  14. keagan says:

    I mean, anyone can get a med card. Here just takes 150$ and 2 weeks.

  15. The problem is cops in the south.

  16. dalekkgames says:

    So went to vote…and I was the youngest person at age 35. I HAD to take a day off of school and work. Everyone I had seen were people who were retired…and had nothing else to do. Younger people are just to busy to get out to vote and there are just to many boomers

  17. JLAUDIO710 says:

    61.81% who are probably hypocrite " Christians " who uses Marijuana after church and also sin in the dark, where no one knows there sining except their God. Marijuana should be legal for those who are responsible and if those 61.81% say no, then they should not use it, why hurt the other 38.19%. We All know those 61.81% percent are ignorant and hypocrites that I'm sure practice other sins besides some percentage might sale and use Marijuana. 38.19% percent should allow to get a special card for use and the other 61.81% percent should not be allowed, if caught but those hypocrites in jail. why make the other's pay for those who are not against it. Pathetic 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  18. It's the only the crop they'll be able to grow after the oil dries up and the forest fire season gets too rough. Why ingore progress

  19. Krish gw says:

    Oklahoma sounds stupidly backwoods compared to any other state.

  20. Jawless says:

    Colorado has made 2 BILLION DOLLARS since Legalization in 2014. They just built a 80,000sqf community center built with 100% collected cannabis tax in my neighborhood. Oklahoma is a poor state filled with methheads and social security collectors.

  21. First of all God hates Oklahoma and the people living there. Just look around, look at the places and people. They think they are religious followers. Bullshit

  22. Lemmy Head says:

    So more than half of people in Oklahoma hate freedom. Got it.

  23. The first old lady that down played marijuana needs to dry up lol 😆.

  24. As someone who lives in Oregon, a state that not only legalized it, but decriminalized all drugs, let me tell you friends, you made the right choice. The step of legalizing weed resulted in rampant use, a total lack of being able to enforce its use or trade illegally, and did nothing to curb illegal crops growing in remote areas. We fell for the whole sales pitch that tax money would go into coffers for addiction treatment and to fight illegal use, but the state is far, FAR worse off now. People were supposed to only use it at home, but many do in the street, driving, almost everywhere. And a black market still exists, because it's cheaper (no license to get, no taxes to pay), and the police won't stop them.

    Medical use, yes. Recreational? No. At least not without a rock solid plan in place.

    Keep in mind, most folks in OK would consider me to be an old-school liberal. I voted for Joe Biden. Voted twice for Obama.

  25. I am glad this is over and we need to focus on SERIOUS issues in Oklahoma instead of trying to support potheads and their addiction. This was silly to add to a ballot anyway. Lets move on Oklahoma. If the the potheads can't stand the decision – move somewhere else! I am so sick of all these drug people! Also, find and shut down those producing for the sell on the black market! When we try to put revenue above sensible thinking – we are going to cause serious problems for this state. Go get them DEA, lets prosecute them and give some big sentences!

  26. I am in tears that I am SO HAPPY! GO OKLAHOMA Oklahoma does NOT need recreational marijuana! This is just a bad decision that will bring bad news to our state. We cannot put revenue over safety and other serious concerns! We have a bunch of potheads, and other drug dependent individuals, just dying to make this legal. Find something else to do than try to legalize drugs. Can't you do something else to be more productive in society instead of trying to legalize pot??? The woman that was speaking about "it is only a matter of time – just when" sounded like she was smoking pot before she came up to the podium!

  27. I live in michighan it’s recreational here a ounce of 25%-30% thc weed is 40$ ounce it’s harder for minors to get weed then alcohol because the way the dispensary’s cards people and there no black market street dealers the local high weed dealer dosent even exist up here and I know that because I’m 21 and my girlfriends in her last year of school at 19 it’s been recreational since 2019 non of the shit that people said was going to happen happened and everything fine good didn’t reduce the state to ash 😂

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