25 Easy Christmas Party Appetizers | Super Entertaining Compilation | Well Done

Here are 25 appetizer ideas for your next party, dinner, or game day gathering. All recipes linked below. Click “Show More” to …

42 thoughts on “25 Easy Christmas Party Appetizers | Super Entertaining Compilation | Well Done

  1. Well Done says:

    Thanks for watching! Below are links to all the recipes from the video:
    Ahi Sushi Cups
    Beer Cheese Fondue
    Cauliflower Nuggets
    Cheeseburger Nachos
    Chicken Sausage Puffs with Creamy Mustard Dipping Sauce
    Chocolate Covered Bacon
    Coconut-Baked Plantains with Spicy Tomatillo-Lime Sauce
    Crispy Pork Meatballs
    Double-Serrano Watermelon Bites
    Easy Guacamole
    Easy Party Meatballs
    Fried Mozzarella Stuffed Zucchini
    Fried Ravioli
    Fried Ravioli Nachos
    Frudité Platter with Mint Lime Dip
    Greek Crab Dip
    Greek Spinach Dip
    Guacamole Foot-bowls
    Mini Jar Lid Tarts
    Phyllo-Wrapped Asparagus with Prosciutto
    Pull-Apart Pizza Bread
    Sausage Head Charcuterie Board
    Shrimp Boil Nachos
    Spicy Pimiento Cheese Sausage Balls
    Taco-Tot Casserole

  2. Beth Bilous says:

    This is a terrible list yummy but too much prep like frying which has to be served hot

  3. Pallas A says:

    Okay that sausage head was creepy af

  4. Thanks for the seizure in that one video

  5. SUAADص says:

    Nice recipe stay connected 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Happy New year! I enjoy your channel! I make cooking videos too and find your work
    inspirational! Thank you for sharing! I hope we can learn from one another!

  7. H Kaminski says:

    You had me til the crappy flashing wtf. People have neuro issues.

  8. Jill Platte says:

    Cooking with jar lids?? :/

  9. Thanks for the video, not interested in the background music. I do appreciate the fast version of preparing the appetizers

  10. onyotv says:

    Nice video po

  11. Good video friend nice sharing.

  12. She said quail n roll lmao

  13. none of this easy…..

  14. Fondue should be made with good white wine.

  15. Gee there are hardly NO measurements for the ingredients once you click on the link! WTH????

  16. ; Ryuu. says:

    i'm just here because of our tle cookery

  17. I fucking love christmas

  18. Isabel Frias says:

    How in their right mind, makes the plantain like that?

  19. Excellent ideas, thanks for sharing!!

  20. 3:18, epileptic warning…

  21. JT King says:

    I am a visual learner except when it comes to cooking videos. For some reason I like to listen to people relating their cooking experiences to me. I like the the human connection between the teacher and the student. I guess cooking really is very much like sex and less like learning to master a necessary life skill. Of course, I could be wrong but I don't think so.

  22. Vickie Clark says:

    Why pickles on nachos? Stupid.

  23. ALYVON says:

    So creative with the food – needs better pairing with a musical genius. The techno loop just doesn't match. P.S. Love the jar lid idea!

  24. Shami DeVita says:

    Little too quick to grasp and must mention amounts of ingrediants

  25. platinum1lk says:

    0:16 what is the name of this track.

  26. Pinghili OK cookies

  27. Are you make when y’all eat cookies

  28. Just love the recipes, it's a lot like my cooking style. Having catered for over 30 year….many recipe are wonderful and new concepts…where were you 30 years ago? Just kidding…definitely going to add some to my cooking repertoire. Thank you

  29. They edited at 3:13 for it to be flashing frames so yeah, this is a semi-epilepsy warning?

    Edit: It gave me a headache, but maybe it maybe the fact I get headaches easily. Probably should ask my doctor about that…

  30. A lot of these are very unseasonal for Christmas appetizers. Asparagus, fresh peaches watermelon, etc…but they all seem delicious.

  31. Absolutely Mind Blowing
    One of the Best selection of Recipes I have Ever seen
    Only Please Slooow Down a notch
    I had to keep rewinding to read the ingredients while watching @ the pace you show is phenomenal how do I put this …. not possible in this reality

  32. Love the mason jar lid appetizers …. Mine have rubber rings on them for sealing … I did not see them on your so I am assuming you removed them. Going to try some of them …. thanks for the video gave me great ideas.

  33. Doreenr says:

    I will be trying some of this! Ha. Prayers needed!

  34. You don't mix serrano ham with watermelon, it goes with melon, two different things (at least in Spain)

  35. ANNLAND says:

    Wasn't expecting sausage that sausage face. LOLOL

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