10-Minute Hip-Hop Dance HIIT Fusion | POPSUGAR FITNESS

Get ready to move to the beat with host, dancer, and fitness instructor Poofy Moffitino, who will be leading this 10-minute hip-hop …

10 thoughts on “10-Minute Hip-Hop Dance HIIT Fusion | POPSUGAR FITNESS

  1. wow this class is so hot ❤‍🔥thanks for good video☺

  2. Patry Carp says:

    ¿Y el baile hip hop? Fue mas cardio que otra cosa 👎👎👎zzz

  3. I enjoy this workout. Thanks….

  4. honey4clover says:

    Who’s going to vote Poofy for a 30-min version of this? 🙌🏼❤

  5. This class was lit! Thanks Poofy and PS ❤

  6. Sunny Days says:

    фитнес от Пепы

  7. Have been doing your 10 min latin dance for a while now and needless to say poofy i am a fan .. everytime i want fun time i turn your workout on .. love your energy.. thanks popsugar ❤

  8. Absolutely loving this hip-hop dance HIIT fusion. Awesome work, Bex 🙂 xx

  9. Sahar says:


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