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Quick & Easy Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

While a lot of us are remaining indoors, here are a few quick, simple and cheap recipes to follow to learn. #GordonRamsay …

21 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

  1. Henry Thomas says:

    Thank you a lot for this video. This is very interesting and informative. Keep posting like those amazing videos, this is awesome.

  2. Love you so much Gorden-kun🥰🥰

  3. Gucci Slides says:

    A chicken died for this video

  4. Sorry to say the stir fry is far from any Asian stir fry!

  5. okay but how much flour!!!!

  6. Rauf Habibov says:

    You better apologise for you being racist, stop ignoring your fascist behavor. Change, be a good person already. Racism isn't good.

  7. LukeNukem says:

    Lmao gold!!! 😂😂😂

  8. great video!!!!ç!ç!!!! love u gordon

  9. Hern says:

    Time flowers.

  10. What is the meat type?

  11. Who's the goofball calling gnocchi "enoki"

  12. I really admire you🙂

  13. roniemcrea says:

    2:11 touch ofolivol😂😂

  14. Video should've been titled, "Gordon Ramsay making you hungry for 13 minutes" 🤣

  15. Gordon ought to do a farm to table show, but he can only use ingredients from Jeremy Clarkson's farm…How's that BBC?? (gimme some money!) =D

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