Incredible 40 Kinds of High Quality Colorful Donuts / 역대급 수제도넛 – Korean dessert shop

Incredible 40 Kinds of High Quality Colorful Donuts / Wstyle Donut, Seoul / Korean dessert shop Location …

43 thoughts on “Incredible 40 Kinds of High Quality Colorful Donuts / 역대급 수제도넛 – Korean dessert shop

  1. 둡두두 says:

    타노스 손 같아여….

  2. Simply fantastic to watch. I couldn't choose a favourite. So generous with the toppings. I did like the idea of a savoury donut with pesto, ham and cheese. Yum Something a little different.

  3. Todo se ve increíble 😊

  4. Ya AP Hindi ma bol kr bana ckta ha

  5. Khan 11 says:


  6. 서울 says:

    쓸대없이비싸네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  7. Sebastian M says:

    Arata bn dar toate culorile sunt coloranți care distruge imunitatea plus nu inteleg dece titlul e in romană

  8. k t says:



  9. Neslihan says:

    Japonya Kore Hep eniyi çörekleri yapıyor Lezzetli özenle yapılmış çörekler bu çalışmaları için teşekkürler Selamlar 😊 👏🫖☕🥛🧉 🧁🥧🥞🥯 🌸⬜🇹🇷 🌟 Perfect

  10. Fuat Kumaini says:

    Wow…. I love donat…..

  11. Reyna says:

    Anyone know what was inside 14:50 I’m unsure of what it is

  12. coromaru says:

    カロリーの追加 一つなんキロカロリーなんだろう?

  13. After watching this I think I need to go and do my insulin!! ❤️🇬🇧

  14. After doing all the dough balls when they go home and their partner asks them what they want for dinner, I wonder how many say anything square! ❤️🇬🇧

  15. Merlin says:

    The amount of (cream cheese?) Being put on at 14:37 is absolutely insane

  16. I'd be there everyday if I was closer.

  17. 귤🍊 says:

    헐…..!!! 알고리즘 떠서 본건데 대박이네ㅎㅎ 전에 한번 다녀왔는데 도넛도 맛있고 커피는 소소 인데 인테리어가 너무 예쁜 곳 이었어용.
    직접 저렇게 다 만드는거였구나ㅎㅎㅎㅎ👍

  18. Можно получить хорошую изжогу

  19. Очень калорийно

  20. 초코파이1개도 양심에 가책느끼며 먹었는데…
    이런거에 비하니……….세발의 피

  21. All the doughnuts look so freaking good. I hope I can taste it in the future. The combination of toppings is unique; I have never seen it before in my country. It's so fascinating how clean and effective the way they make the doughnuts

  22. I would love to work there, making so many yummy sweets😍😍

  23. The first one… Are those "Dora cakes" the one which Doraemon loves to eat???

  24. Parece estar bem passado quase queimado

  25. Strawberry/Coconut/Mint/Green/Lemon

  26. Красота и вкуснота! Привет из Москвы!

  27. Рецепт напишите пожалуйста

  28. Elena Ball says:

    Tienen tanto aceite que te mata en dos días

  29. Clara Tackla says:

    I wish I had a good place to go buy some good doughnut near me! Here in Brazil we don't have many doughnut shops

  30. Sarah Yates says:

    I’ve never seen soo many scrumptious looking doughnuts as I’ve seen on Korean YouTube videos. Some of the favours do seem rather strange however, like adding thick slices of butter, ham and cheese to a sweet doughnut!

  31. very sticky process very beautiful result

  32. Schovach says:

    i wish… they also have mochidonuts too 😭
    watching this during my fasting… 😭😭 what im doingggg

  33. Go vegan. So many animals suffered so you can make some stupid donuts, when you could've made them without.

  34. Cleusa Ramos says:

    Como faz pra ver a receitas

  35. kle_pond says:

    18:24, it use butter/whipp cream? Look so yummy!

  36. carrots g says:

    여기 종종 갔었는데 이렇게 만들어지는 거였군요ㅎㅎ 딸기통통같은 생도너츠하고 레몬머렝, 햄들은거…(잠발라야?)가 개인적으로 좋았어요! 직원분들도 친절하시고 가게 안은 인스타 갬성이긴 합니다

  37. ISA🤎🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  38. why is this so soothing to watch <3 veeeeery relaxing

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