Easy Snacks

6 Easy Snacks You'll Want To Make Again And Again

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36 thoughts on “6 Easy Snacks You'll Want To Make Again And Again

  1. Hatfor1 says:

    Bold of you to assume I have the ingredients

  2. Toby says:

    I don't get the loaded potato sticks. Did we bake or fry them?

  3. I cant with that cucumbee sandwich..

  4. rayyan says:

    them: snacks
    me: thats a whole fking meal

  5. Chapati says:

    Come on you know that’s not cheddar

  6. can you please get over yourself and not put a soufflé in an EASY snack video. Please.

  7. Unknown says:

    I like how this was a good to watch at home for me and have a great day everyone 🙂

  8. Unknown says:


  9. MsJordanLee says:

    It's the music for me👍

  10. R̶a̶e̶ says:

    when you don't have the ingredients

  11. IBEX says:

    Bro that ain’t a snack that’s a. Whole meal

  12. sara q. says:

    I dont think they understand what easy means.

  13. Chyenne Le says:

    0:30 tripleta saludable 🇵🇷

  14. btetschner says:

    Brilliant ideas, thank you for the video.

  15. “Blueberry muffins”
    Goes straight to a hot dog recipe.
    Me: 🤨

  16. 😋😋😋🤤🤤🤤 yummy

  17. This is the best and awesome easy cook and bake ever yay 😋 😀

  18. K Mad says:

    Where the pandemic has led me again 😵‍💫

  19. Alina Iacob says:

    Me watching this at 3 a m 👁️👄👁️

  20. B1GD3V says:

    Izabela Hejja te iubesc. If you see this I love you and I want you back in my life!

  21. Dead Worm says:

    that first one looked vile XD

  22. ange1s_ says:

    To the demon who made that cucumber sandwich GO BACK TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

  23. PuzzleC says:

    I don't watch this to make the food, I watch this to see them MAKE the food 🙂

  24. yandy says:

    I dont have half of the ingredients man

  25. When nutella doesnt sponser you
    "Chocolate hazlenut spread"

  26. Marren Kioko says:

    Can you be my chef instead

  27. dragon fire says:

    wtf is these recipes??

  28. I'm hungry now hahaha

  29. Abd Dreae says:

    Im hungry its 2am🤦‍♂️

  30. Cucumber with mustard
    Me: proceeds to question existence

  31. I like how they said bake until golden and BEAUTIFUL 😂

  32. whoever is reading this, GET RIGHT WITH GOD! GOD IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

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