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46 thoughts on “The salad I make for everyone who comes over | FeelGoodFoodie

  1. A salad for an athlete 😍 thank you! I need to make this for my husband’s lunch appetizer

  2. You should add some 🥑 to it

  3. tete says:

    why does this girl make this mediterranean salad her whole personality 😭🖐

  4. Ayla B says:

    thats lit just a greek salad

  5. Bcdznxy says:

    in asia , we eat a large variety of veggies.
    on here , the only greens i see are lettuce , spring onions , cucumber , carrots .. how boring ..

  6. I cannot eat tomatoes n onions raw….the taste sucks…being an Indian…I just can't eat tomatoes n onions raw…they taste far better..when well cooked and with our masala powders…

  7. What's the name of the salad

  8. snacks king says:

    What have u added for dressing??? Looks like olive oil or something 🤔

  9. Where is the recipe for the dressing?

  10. Nana Lin says:

    What is the recipe?

  11. Kaly Kort says:

    Salads are not definitely not boring. We just got to be a little bit more creative. That looks so delicious

  12. what the purple bottle dress

  13. City View says:

    This appears to be so good and energizing, I would be a content guest! Lol👍

  14. Bangin ZaZa says:

    I would tear that up

  15. WinniEd says:

    It looks tasty and healthy.

  16. Ruba Yasmin says:

    What is recipe for dressing?? OMG People now a days make video which is just waste of time to watch

  17. 1/14 the amount of oil.

  18. Definitely try 👍

  19. Take them olives out and I’ll eat it

  20. Hēibái117 says:

    Spinach is superior.

  21. Miss'g 4 me is corn, peas,green onion,boiled eggs.

  22. jaje4866 says:

    Yeah…tossing really messes up the rows of color! LOL!

  23. I have a diffrent dressing 😭 ,

  24. F_U_LOVE says:

    Ok so the dressing is the best part 😅

  25. Lisa Pomeroy says:

    Don't forget that chickpeas in large quantities or eaten often make you bloated

  26. Everyone else should QWERTY keyboard
    Change keyboard
    Never is button
    I am attaching
    No makeup sometimes but beauty
    No voice is tiktok 3AM
    Goodnight 🥹

  27. Meena says:

    pl. tell how u made dressing. I mean. ingredients

    very incomplete

  28. Bella F says:

    Thank u I’m making this🥰

  29. Jan Haley says:

    Why bother showing us if you’re not giving us the dressing recipe?

  30. remy ze rat says:

    So a Greek salad but with lettuce and a fancy dressing? Basically taking away the things that make a Greek salad unique?

  31. Bobby Zulmai says:

    Lost me at tomatoes

  32. ayan says:


  33. Min Seo Jang says:

    Im never coming over

  34. Why show if so fast no one can duplicate! I hate that💥

  35. Recipe in description would help

  36. KellyR says:

    we need the recipe in the description for all your videos

  37. Mezbah Uddin says:

    Thank you so much for your recipe ❤❤

  38. MSF says:

    Am I goat/cow?? Where's the meat 🍖 😕

  39. A Jacob says:

    Recipe for the salad with the dressing recipe and ingredients

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