Easy Snacks

Snacks In Under 10 Minutes

Here are some snacks to make when you’re in a time crunch! Recipes: https://tasty.co/recipe/finger-sandwiches …

49 thoughts on “Snacks In Under 10 Minutes

  1. Captain Doge says:

    5 minute crafts, is that you?

  2. Alaa Yakine says:

    Ah why i'm seeing this in Ramadan

  3. Bro the batter for the Nutella mug cake has no where near enough flour, and most importantly there is NO BAKING POWDER/SODA! How tf did it rise without any leavening agent?? Tasty I thought you were better than this 😔

  4. Ice cream says:

    what in the world is the point of cutting the sides of the sandwiches

  5. Use This says:

    U ned to have microwave for these 10 min recipes

  6. Jeremy Kurtz says:

    Gooo' that mac n cheese looks so goooood.

  7. Where is the seasoning in the Mac and cheese💀

  8. thank you for sharing this amazing conent this is so helpful

  9. i like music 😍  😁

  10. tt 00 says:

    I asked for snacks, not a whole ass meal.

  11. OliveOil says:

    I bet you these the same people behind troom troom and 5min crafts.

  12. Belu-Chan says:


  13. Axy says:

    Club all
    Little dog
    All disney television characters
    Pet food dog food all favors
    Food drinks dessert
    Milkshake all favors
    Oreo all favors
    Cheeses all favors
    Creamer all favors
    Chocolate all favors
    All food drinks dessert
    Not for cow and big dog

  14. JeloMan says:

    I like how they call it chocolate-hazelnut spread instead of just nutella lol

  15. Ace_ says:

    Bold of you to assume I have Nutella in almost every video involving chocolate

  16. Derpberb says:

    at night:
    A yeah I'm just gonna PUT ON THE OVEN AND STOVE.

    What bugs me about these vids is that these are not midnight snacks by any definition these are snacks that you could make in a couple minuets given the right equipment. The most sophisticated a midnight snack should and reasonably could get is maybe toast or if you're REALLY pushing it a toasted cheese sandwich other than that the standard midnight snack is like a bad of grated cheese or whatever crap you could find at the back of your fridge. Snacks by definition are simple so MAKE THEM SIMPLE. I was not born into this world so you insult my eyes with such cringe, Is this funny to you? Like a little joke? WELL ITS NOT YOU ARE CONSTANTLY MISLEADING WITH THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF MIDNIGHT SNACKS,HOW ABOUT YOU TRY MAKE A REAL MIDNIGHT SNACK UNDER THE CONDITIONS THAT A REAL PERSON MAKING ONE WOULD ,Seriously I am flabbergasted that anyone would consider these as midnight snacks ARE YOU KIDDING ME? MELTED CHEESE!? THIS IS AN INSULT TO ALL WHO MAKE MIDNIGHT SNACKS, THE REAL HEROES OF THIS STORY UNDER THE CONDITIONS OF MAKING MIDNIGHT SNACKS AND YOU ERASE THEIR BRAVERY AND INSULT THEM? You have stooped low. You. Are. Human. Scum

    Nice vid though

    But not under realistic circumstances

  17. it's the time of the week again that i start my period, i'm watching this since i have a ton of cravings. thanks buzzfeed, never thought i'd thank a corporation tho

  18. Kashvi says:

    "Chutney"… Love it when people use the word but don't really know what it is. What chutney are we talking bout here?! 💀

  19. Call me when was canceled

  20. For the potato chips, add rosemary and salt. I have been making these for ages and I love them! Also cook them in the oven

  21. Meshac Pskyo says:

    It would have been nice to know how much milk to use on the mac and cheese

  22. Lachydeez says:

    Not Oreos they are chocolate and vanilla cream biscuit sandwiches

  23. 0:59 can we use any potato or we just have to use russet potato

  24. zoi says:

    Why would u want tortillas as I late night snack I’ll just sit here and eat my chips-

  25. These recipes are very easy and quick I’m going to try two of them out today and I hope I like them

  26. Donna Austin says:

    The whole family likes it! Cool!!!

  27. Good food, delicious,I really like it.
    Thanks for sharing

  28. Potato PC says:

    why does everything need to get microwaved bruh

  29. m1n4 says:

    don’t put eggs in the microwave they tend to turn rubbery

  30. Malak shata says:

    your ✨ good at cooking ✨ I tried one of your recipes a few days ago , but the microwave burnt down 😢

  31. Ecco Logg says:

    damn made me tear 1:18 i remember how i used to make these with my father he died last month makes me so sad that i won't be able to make these with him again

  32. szaine says:

    can someone pls count how many times the Mac Mac cheese recipe has been in tasty videos

  33. Ok there is one problem
    I don’t have the ingredients at home💀

  34. Kys says:

    Personally I have a certain sandwich that I like. Toasted bread sliced cheese one slice on each piece of bread after its toasted then a slice of butter on each bread piece put it together then in a microwave for 30 seconds then there you have a delicious sandwich

  35. souline says:

    I don't know why i am watching this while fasting

  36. Pika Bruh says:

    Microwaved tortillas 🤢 soggy

  37. Arnold says:

    I feel like they are unaware that these short 5-10 minutes snacks videos are coming from chef's kitchens, who have all these ingredients whenever they feel like.

  38. The Mac and cheese and chips was my favorite a

  39. Ella Griffin says:

    Someone needs to tell these people what a snack is tho

  40. Sister s says:

    Bread cubes
    1 egg
    Milk ( 2 tbsp)
    Cocoa Powder ( 1 tbsp)
    – Mix
    Bread Cubes
    – Layer in pattern
    Add the mixture

  41. Mine says:

    The chips are pretty good

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