Satisfying Salads That Don't Suck

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23 thoughts on “Satisfying Salads That Don't Suck

  1. One thing Is for sure your music sucks !

  2. I swear, the amount of bbqs ive gone to in my lifetime… someone ALWAYS drowns the salad in dressing. I dont want to drink it, i want to eat it😂

  3. omglawton says:

    I just started working a huge letece/baby green farm and tried the cutting the letece, it made a huge difference in my salad. Def trying to get more ideas cause I get "unwanted packaging" items for literally 50 cents.

  4. Mrs. H says:

    I made this cucumber tomato avocado salad and it slaps for real

  5. Esther K. says:

    Looks insanely delicious

  6. Chop your veggies smaller, it will instantly taste better

  7. A said a salad please

  8. Tonie Irish says:

    I use arugula as a spicy green. Be careful not to overdo it.

  9. Traveln4life says:

    There's just not much nutritional value in iceberg lettuce especially compared to other greens!

  10. Natalie says:

    ok but my premade salad packs from Costco 💪💪

  11. My mother used to push salad on me. I won't make it or eat it. Disgusting !

  12. If it's a salad, I won't eat it period

  13. C M says:

    No one is saying you’re forbidden from liking iceberg lettuce lmao you people are so dramatic, these look really good

  14. Snipurfeyy says:

    Making new salads is like having sex
    It's weird at first
    But you'll love it later

  15. planclops says:

    With all these comments, I’m realizing that I’m probably more of an outlier in that I HATE iceberg lettuce 😂

  16. Bonnie L says:

    No! But as this video shows, you've got to add to it, be bold!

  17. Thank you so much for helping me learn. I am really thankful!

  18. NiXXSiTY says:

    I actually LOVE iceberg salad because of texture and that fine crunch when you bite into It… and It goes with everything ❤️❤️

  19. tghytre says:

    NEVER knock eating salads for lunch… Thanks ..for these recippees ..I've always loved salads … but didn't have any good recippees …I started eating salads for lunch at work..more…then one of the guys laughed at me… asked… if I was a Gay … guy…??.. I said NO … I'm NOT .. So… I stopped eating salads .it's .funny.. About 3 months later that guy …had blood clots.and.a stroke.. Then a heart attack …in a hospital and he died…funny.. If he started to eat more salads everyday… …he would still.. Be alive today so… …don't knock salads for lunch it might just save your life

  20. cat says:

    Does the cucumber speak English now💀

  21. Lett-us decide to not introduce itself

  22. Laura B says:

    I like simple easy to make salads and they can still be delicious. Just three or 4 items and dressing.

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