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One Simple Exercise Routine To Tone Your Flabby Arms | Better | NBC News

Celebrity personal trainer Chris Powell has an easy exercise routine to tone flabby arms.Β» Subscribe to NBC News: …

29 thoughts on “One Simple Exercise Routine To Tone Your Flabby Arms | Better | NBC News

  1. He seems like a nice guy!

  2. Flynnzilla says:

    The music makes this impossible to hear and therefore to watch

  3. Irene Powell says:

    This is a great video for arm toning exercises !! Thank you so much for sharing !! …P.S nice last name !! πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜πŸ’ͺ🏽

  4. I’m 41, I been to the gym for a year and I still don’t like the back of my arms, bat wings πŸ˜‘

  5. Robert Kiss says:

    I am 75 and I work out this is really going to help me thank you so much. I will start this in the morning. God bless you for the help.

  6. thank you for the easy and effective workout Mr. Powell!

  7. Thank you. I am going to try these this evening

  8. Celina says:

    Listen pal you talking to much ,start doing exercises.

  9. i am a little insecure, thanks for the content!

  10. What if ur a pescadarian? Doesn’t fish have protein plus green veggies?

  11. Sara Tomala says:

    Hellooo All! I'm also with flabby arms (underarms), might I try these excercises being pregnant right now??? Thanks for yr comments πŸ˜‡

  12. Nasir Abbas says:

    But I am 19 years Old
    And I have that Problem it's too sensitive

  13. I am a female senior citizen and have done exercises all my life..recently noticed my underarms are beginning to get flabby. I have viewed several videos with women illustrating arm exercises and none of them worked for me. This guy Chris Powell is the best! I followed his exercise program and finally I can see a difference in the flabby underarms! Thank you Chris!

  14. That is Chris Powell – working out with a smile! I enjoyed this video and learned a lot.

  15. Loved it. Easy and straightforward. Thanks a lot bro.

  16. This dudes a ledgend

  17. Im not fat or ever being fat i just building muscles and on my hands muscle starts to look flabby or they droop ,is this the same?

  18. Tempirance1 says:

    Would you be able to make a exercise video for those that are semi-disabled? It's hard for me to even try these heavy weight exercises. I had two shoulder surgeries on the same shoulder and now I'm only allowed to lift 5# indefinitely my arm.

  19. jen zanoni says:

    What pound weights did he say for the arm exercises ?

  20. Noura says:

    can i do these exercises only and call it my upper body workout routine? along with cardio exercises of course

  21. I am skinny, excise and I still have them on my arms they make me feel self conscious.

  22. Patty Wright says:

    Do u have to do it every day?

  23. Chris Powell I MISS YOUR SHOW 😒

  24. What if i just wanna lose the fat but dont wanna have that bulging biceps?

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