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39 thoughts on “LAZY GIRL Full Body WORKOUT – 7 min. (NO JUMPING)

  1. Vicky Justiz says:

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  2. bingus says:

    I'm just gonna do the first one cause it lowkey fun😭

  3. Day one:✅
    Day two:❌
    Day three:❌
    Day four:❌
    Day five:❌
    Day six:❌
    Day seven:❌
    Day eight:❌
    Day nine❌
    Day ten:❌

  4. hor d says:

    I’ll start today 4/4/2023

  5. khloe says:

    I’m doing this because I want to be stronger and I want to feel more productive/fit. Let’s see how it goes.

    Day One: I did it with relative ease and then started again but I got too tired 😅
    Day Two: It was SOOOO hard today (probably because I walk ~1 1/2 miles at school)
    Day Three: Didn’t do it today because I played outside for like 3 hours so I was tired

  6. Ra Da says:

    Is it okay to skip planks?

  7. P1x1e says:

    This is really good 👍 it’s really awesome for people who like in a multi story apartment!❤

  8. Cowi Dowi says:

    day 1: Did it twice. I skipped the superman shit (cuz it was hard to do) and the sumo squats (cuz i was tired.) The second time was good. did not skip any.

    day 2:

  9. First time I ever did a proper routine by myself. I'm sweating like a pig and my heart is in my neck (and I might throw up) but for god's sake, I'm proud of myself. I'm locked in my bathroom and just did all that on the floor. Thank you, honestly. I'm proud of myself.
    Update: I didn't throw up!!

  10. Bray Shay says:

    Yesss I did it in the morning before school

  11. This was perfect! Was able to read some stuff for school during too since there wasn’t to much movement

  12. Doing this twice every day until first of July!(4 months, ima also keep editing this 💀)
    Day 1 ✅ done but fee kinda tired cause I’m sick
    Day 2 ❌ was way too busy

  13. Star _X says:

    This is what I was looking for😭🥺🫂

  14. Absolutely love this work out. It’s quick,easy, and effective. I’m have a bigger chest and no good bra so jumping hurts. The no jumping is so comfortable for me. I feel like this workout is smt I can actually complete while working out. Makes me feel accomplished!

  15. This is my go to video cuz I'm always lazy but I usually combine this with walks and runs so yeah- I always forget to workout everyday so I might write down the workouts in this video so I can do at least some of them on days I won't go online!

  16. DAH_BACON says:


  17. ARTblock101 says:

    Making a comment to convince myself to keep doing this… cuz the most exercise I get is walks with my dog. Ok!!

    DAY 1, did good that sumo squat killed me and back was definitly not straight on fire hydrant.

  18. Giving y’all and update on how this is going to go ❤

    Day one : feeling pretty good sumo squats killing me tho!
    Day two: completed ✅ but sore since 2nd day always hurts! 🎉
    Day three: completed ✅ pretty proud for not stopping at sumo squats!
    Day four: did 15 minutes running/3 laps and completed this ✅
    Day five: didn’t do it 😔
    Day six: didn’t do it but going to try to not do it again 😅
    Day seven: completed ✅ nervous that someone would walk in since my gpa was here
    Day eight: completed I guess but ran a mile and did other workouts and went on my swing set. 😂
    Day nine: did half of it bcz I was not feeling right my tummy made me feel like I was gunna throw up 🤮

  19. Ceren Ozturk says:

    Does this help with belly fat and legs?

  20. nomnoms says:

    this is for lazy ppl ? 😭 I’m super fucking lazy ig

  21. Avesta Kufi says:

    I love watching your video, can you add a new ab exercise video?

  22. Omggg tysm for this god I needed this ❤❤❤❤

  23. Honestly, this is my perfect workout lol

  24. nikki says:

    Thank you!! I am pp and I only have like 10 mins of my day sometimes 8. And I wanted to start working out but didn’t want anything 2 much, :). This definitely burns 😂 I’ll be doing this everyday !

  25. Uh I did this for 10 days and it did not do a thing bruh

  26. I'm sorry I started laughing when u started Superman 💀😭

  27. Isra Tarrah says:

    really good lazy girl workout i self dont need the workout becouse i am already slim from my self but al the girls that are doing this keep it up you can do it

  28. Doing this on my period to stop cramps and this was the best thing eva tysm 4 this I will do this on every day of every period tysm xxxxx

  29. Maddie says:

    Can this make you lose weight I’m really trying to

  30. Spork says:

    On the first one of y’all want a harder challenge you can try to keep your leg off the floor when you bring it down btw-

  31. AriTheFloof says:

    may be non-binary but this was great!

  32. Lianne says:

    Does somebody know if this really works? And how much days do i have to do this? ( sorry if my english is bad i’m dutch )

  33. Che. Ro says:

    I gained alot of weight and I'm not able to do exercises I could do easily before.

    Day 1: I was so out of breath after this and could only do 4 leg raises 😭😭
    Day 2:

  34. Arbella M says:

    Hey.. this seems like a really good late night workout to do and I am trying it out at the moment however can someone who’s done this often tell me if they’ve managed to get results??

  35. abs says:

    doing this for the rest of the month! p.s i am not making many major adjustments to my diet, just cutting down on portions sizes and less snacking. i also am doing daily walks‼️

    day 1 ✅ — ive done this workout before so im okay! leg hurts a bit. will try put in more effort tmrw so i do feel it more! good overall:)

    day 2 ✅ — i felt the burn this time, wow. i also did p.e today so im proud of myself for doing it today (im VERY unfit). im okay today!

    day 3 ✅ — it was fine, but got interrupted before the squats so i couldnt do it.

    day 4 ❌ — didnt do it

    day 5 ✅ — sumo squats will be the death of me! my daily walks are usually my walk back from school and to school, but it was cancelled due to snow today so ill make up for it soon.

    day 6 ❌ — was at a party

    day 7 ✅ — the exercises were a bit easier to do today!

    day 8 ❌ — didnt do

    day 9 ❌ (✅) — didnt do it but i did p.e soooo

    day 10 ✅ — did it but kinda slacked off.

  36. luka says:

    yall, use the japanese towel belly technique with any simple workouts you do. trust. I've been eating like crazy and skipping lots of actual workouts but that stuff (plus getting in my steps) really works wonders

  37. ZedZeaZo says:

    Trying to do this everyday until apr 3!

    day 1 – ✅Tiring but I completed it all! It was pretty easy and I felt so relieved when finished.
    day 2 – ✅Felt the burn WAY more but finished it pretty easily!

  38. Chris Sam says:

    Do you need to do warm up and cools down for this work out?

  39. Haha love the title! Great video.

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