Is CBD Oil Marketing MAGIC?

I dig into the research on CBD oil and conduct a review on Vitality CBD Oil to give you my honest review after using it for 30 days.

23 thoughts on “Is CBD Oil Marketing MAGIC?

  1. I took a large dose of the cbd oil to begin with by accident and l got great relief,l also felt relaxed from my ptsd but now l am taking 3 drop 3 times a day and l feel nothing as the bottle says and l feel very little relief if any.

  2. John Reed says:

    I thought you may share your experience of consuming cbd for 30 days more instead of blatant surveys.

  3. Dave Nuttall says:

    make your own it wayyyy better

  4. PB says:

    Out of all the better brands you chose Vitality 😂 get yourself quality stuff my man, jacob hooy for example, perfect stuff. No wonder you got diarrhea from that junk oh and seeds are actually better than the plant itself as oil….cbd oil doesn't cost 14 pounds a bottle, if you get such bottle it would most likely be diluted junk, proper cbd oil costs 40-90 pounds a bottle and yes it definitely works.

  5. PB says:

    Diarrhea from cbd oil? Thats bollocks

  6. Kyle Mark says:

    Should’ve had the bottle tested on your own it would’ve been worth the time So you can scientifically tell what you’re ingesting maybe you just got a bogus bottle we will never know now goddamnit

  7. Taz, very nice info. is this Vitality CBD Berry Flavour Oral Drops in Hemp Seed Oil is useful for Multiple Sclerosis patients?

  8. You should definitely try this again

  9. Sujan Gurung says:

    How can we get in nepal

  10. I'm really sure you can help yourself to be healthier. I already did that thanks to Weedborn.

  11. My husband has been using these CBD Products from Weedborn and is extremely delighted.

  12. Try water soluble cbd 4.5 times better absorption than oils

  13. Bought it today, the exact same as yours 1200mg vitality. First time ever using CBD for neck pain. Took it at 5pm, 5.30pm now and I feel so relaxed. No pain. I took 1ml, (full pappette) under my tonge for almost two minutes, then eventually swallowed. I believe it didn't work for you, everyone is probably different, but seriously I feel so relaxed right now. You can swallow it after under the tounge , put it in tea etc aswell.

  14. CatDribble says:

    I wish he had mentioned why not to swallow, shouldn't you swallow it, what do you do with it. What happens if you swallow

  15. Attualy hemp seed oil is in cbd ingredients and in most cbd products so ye i dis agree with you mate on the vidio

  16. CBD Scanner says:

    Taz, I love the honesty in this video, absolutely class. As a newbie to the industry, you may not be aware but the number of absolutely rubbish products out there that a load of brands are peddling is shocking, however, there are products and brands out there that have some great products on offer. We always recommend that people, if they can, try a full-spectrum product. In our personal experience, they are far far more effective. I can't quote any studies because, again shockingly, hardly any have been commissioned, it's just anecdotal largely but we've trialled hundreds of products and we find it rings true.

    Another recommendation that some people turn their noses up at is vaping. Vaping has the highest bioavailability when it comes to taking CBD, meaning this is how you get the most absorbed into your bloodstream. Capsules and food have some of the lowest meaning you can take the same amount and get less than half the amount in your system! Furthermore, vaping hits you quick so you know it's the CBD taking effect. I personally used CBD in vape form and my chronic anxiety was suddenly gone – it was genuinely gobsmacking to me. I'd recommend trying a full-spectrum CBD vape product and see if it helps. Quick disclaimer, CBD vape products don't have any nicotine in them so no concern on that front!

    Thanks again for your video, I hope more people get to see it.

  17. As a barrister, if ever you are breathalysed at the road side, you'll be aware I'm sure, that even CBD that pertains to have 0% THC will contain trace amounts. These will show up on a drug test as THC. Is this a grey area in the law ? Excellent video. Very well put together.

  18. Hello
    Firstly I’ve written about my experience with the vitality cbd oil. For context I’m currently taking under 70mg a day. And my second thing is about using an alternative premium oil

    This is interesting! So I’ve been taking the vitality cbd oil for about 3 months, and I’ve noticed it’s antipsychotic & anti anxiety effects on me. My nervous system does feel a little more supported, and regulated, but I still do my part to take care of my nervous system like with breath work Ofc. I believe Supplements are supposed to support you but not like entirely do a quick fix. Whilst taking something like the cbd oil making lifestyle adjustments has also been beneficial for me. But I notice our different lived experiences & it’s effects. Sorry to hear it didn’t have a great effect on you. Hope you find something else that works!!

    The second thing that I noticed was how ridiculously cheap vitality cbd is & so honestly I’ve been a bit sceptical about it’s potency & whether there are any other side effects. So would be great to see a review of an alternative premium cbd oil.

    But anyway thank you for your content

  19. Tao Master says:

    I feel for beginner vaping cbd is freat as you se effect quick and can stop in time. I feel like if i drink a beer i cannot feel cbd

  20. yoyo 11 says:

    comon man.. i was about to buy this one. You just said it didnt work for you and you didnt suggest a better one.

  21. Vanessa says:

    Great CBD oil review with thorough research! 🌱 Holistic Herb, Grass & Co, and Jacob Hooy are other CBD oil brands I’ve heard of. Have you heard of any of these? I might give these a go if you don’t recommend Vitality after all.

  22. go cheap you get a got not a sheep

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