How to Germinate a CBD Hemp Seed (Start Growing Cannabis from Seed)

Kristy Hébert, co-founder of Cypress Hemp, explains step-by-step how to germinate high quality CBD hemp and cannabis seeds, …

24 thoughts on “How to Germinate a CBD Hemp Seed (Start Growing Cannabis from Seed)

  1. illumiMexa says:

    I need a good website to order Hemp seeds

  2. Freak154l says:

    You are awesome☀️ Thank you so much🍀

  3. Christ want smiley eyes, I came for the content and got extras

  4. I think I will be continuing my CBD treatment. I was just given CBD products from Weedborn and I feel so much better these days : D

  5. David Deluna says:

    i live in texas and want high cbd medicinal seeds that can only contain 0.3 percent thc where can i get some please?

  6. I would love to see flower strain reviews on you tube to educate the public I know that would increase y’all sales and maybe lower prices when volume increase to allow the people who needs medicine would have access great company hope y’all keep growing in all ways 🦞

  7. Hey can’t wait till y’all can do the whole operation in Louisiana there nothing like swap water to grow hemp

  8. HH bg have lmkn.

    Mm 🤣 💨 I can type with piss xff

  9. so…. will a bubba kush hemp seed i have grow into a bubba kush marijuana plant if i let it go longer when growing >?

  10. Gaston Y says:

    do u sell seeds CBD for pain and inflamation

  11. aux1z11 says:

    I was looking to buy some seeds but most places sell by the hundreds, I'm just looking for about 10 seeds to do some test grows this year. And after that maybe hundreds so where can you get 10 seeds ?

  12. ayeeee says:

    Can I buy from you one day cuz. I gotta get a new job though first just wondering♡:)

  13. ayeeee says:

    25th my birthday

  14. Erin Bloom says:

    She’s not smoking cbd i can tell u that

  15. now that hemp is legal in ohio we started growing, I germinated in a paper towel but might do it this way next time.

  16. Deep Singh says:

    Will there be risk of highdr thc if I grow seed from cbd flower . I dont want to have thc become high in the plant only cbd and what are some way to ensure only cbd in plant.

  17. Thanks,was helpful and entertaining 🥰

  18. Jordan Gros says:

    Y’all have the best products🤤🙏🏼 Thank you for the information!!

  19. Mike Shank says:

    You're so hot!!!

  20. A sound lady. Sound is irish slang for a good person…like sound as a good foundation

  21. Hi there ! It’s been 7 days that i’ve planted my cbd seed and it doesn’t seem to sprout. The earth and soil are very good i know for a fact (îve made lots of other germination out of this soil) . Shall i be worried ?

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