How CBD/THC Impact Sleep | Dr. Matthew Walker

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25 thoughts on “How CBD/THC Impact Sleep | Dr. Matthew Walker

  1. Tim Ferriss says:

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  2. Eh hate the fact that he interrupts Matthew when talking.

  3. uknowy420 says:

    no word on cbd though, however it is advertised in the description, and I was specifically aiming to hear about cbd

  4. So I just want to jump in on the insomnia thing. Hops are also a member of the cannabis family. In my herbal studies I’ve come to find that hops, when consumed, can have a sedating effect. The issue seems to come in though, that hops are high in estrogenic compounds and can thus lead to issues in men when used long term. So I worry about the hormonal impact.

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  6. Genghis Khan says:

    In my experience on THC I have less dreams, or maybe I just remember them less, especially in the beginning of my sleep. The next day without THC I notice more memorable intense dreams. Clearly it disrupts REM sleep but I’d still take that it if I’m desperate to fall asleep quicker, over getting far less sleep naturally.. moderation, always moderation

  7. rawmilk mike says:

    CBD and THC negatively impact sleep period.

  8. GO AWAY says:

    That rebound effect is insane if you were a stoner before. I love it, it's literally like your dreams are 10x more vivid and you can lucid dream much easier. I remember being so excited to go to sleep just so I can go and live in another world for a bit.

  9. Eusden Shing says:

    In summary:

    THC has 4 effects:
    1. Sedative benefit: reduction in time to fall asleep
    2. Can develop tolerance to it, requiring dosage increase over time and possibly dependency
    3. Significant withdrawal and rebound effects: stopping THC usage makes the insomnia worse
    4. Decrease REM sleep: overall amount, delays arrival of first arrival, decreases intensity of REM sleep

  10. Jesse Dictor says:

    I hate that this “podcast” keeps being recommended to me. This is so not a natural conversation, it’s painfully untempo’ed .

    It takes 3 minutes to ask a 20 second question, and the response is talking about a source that is out of date where he brings up random factiods. The last 20% of the video is all of the substance.

  11. astrostl says:

    Was CBD alone addressed at all? I skimmed thru the vid at 2x but didn't catch it outside of the beginning. Seemed to be all THC.

  12. This is interesting. I've found CBN to be super helpful for me for sleep but i'm so sensitive to THC (makes my mind race) that I take about 1/4 to 1/8th of the recommended dosage. Sometimes I feel like i wake up in the middle of the night with it vs. if i'm super tired without it but it for sure helps me sleep. I try to only take it when I need it vs. to be more confident that I'll sleep. Reading a book helps a lot too 🙂


  14. Paper Boy says:

    I am a very light sleeper and it's also fairly difficult for me to go to sleep even if I'm very tired. On top of that, its hard for me to sleep straight through all night without waking up unless I smoke weed, take edibles or take melatonin before going to bed.

  15. the rebound effect is a real thing

  16. John Smith says:

    I was able to quit for years by taking my usage down to just a couple of vape hits before bed…eventually I was just getting so tired that I forgot to hit the vape or it became more of a struggle to vape it then just go to sleep. I never had notable insomnia however, this was just coming off chronic usagage for years. So anecdotally, getting the usage down to just the part where I felt I needed it and making it as small a task as possible (no rolling up or having to go outside and smoke etc) really helped me almost forget about the stuff.

    Just my anecdote for anyone listening here that might want to stop usage.

  17. Tyler Nugs says:

    Tim ferris first interview with an interactive AI

  18. Mike Blog says:

    It definitely helps put you to sleep, but you'll never hit REM. I always find that I wake up extremely groggy if I take an edible before bed.

  19. Also…I highly recommend Dr. Walker's book, "Why We Sleep." Best book I have ever read on the subject.

  20. I've done some thorough analysis on my sleep regarding this exact subject: THC + Sleep. I take 10mg of Indica in gummy form. There is no doubt it significantly helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. That said, I have noticed that my deep sleep and REM sleep numbers drop by about 25-30% when I take an evening gummy (6 months of sleep data). This was all measured by Apple Watch (I used to use the Oura Ring but the Apple Watch does everything and more…and the plethora of apps it has as well). I still have not figured out if this drop in REM and deep sleep is causing issues or not in my performance. This is the next phase of self investigation I need to conduct.

  21. John Smith says:

    Wow I remember years ago you said you couldn't find a single performance enhancing benefit of thc when comparing it to psilocybin!

  22. whit says:

    Oh shit this was intense I’ll have to watch it in full. I’m one of those that developed a crutch to cbd. I justified it until I wanted to be substance free. No alcohol or thc of any kind and even coffee. When I stopped cbd I had night sweats for about 5 nights, appetite aversion and intense mood swings. I was also using it as escapism though and not in a responsible and healthy way at all. I do find that I’m able to fall asleep faster and I stay asleep throughout the night.

    The withdrawals were miserable as well as fascinating to me so I very my appreciate this topic of convo 🙏

  23. DaboooogA says:

    Thank you for providing the drawbacks of THC (not CBD). You can replace almost every reference to THC in this video with alcohol and it would still be accurate; sedating, tolerance etc.

    In other words, don't do THC. Not to mention, the profound and disturbing fact that THC stops the occurrence/recall of dreams…

  24. human 222 says:

    It helps people with PTSD get a good night's sleep. I never remember my dreams. I smoke about a gram a day. I'm retired and enjoy the peace it gives me. I think it should be legal. If doctors can push pills and people can have a job… people can smoke at night and not worry about being fired the next day.
    It actually helps me to stay focused through out the day.
    No studies out there? I believe alcohol is far, far worse than marijuana.

  25. human 222 says:

    It's a miracle drug. I wish it was legal years ago. Nixon did it😒

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